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Week 2/12 – Day 4

Cardio 35 min

1 sw + 1 snatch 16kg @ freetempo 3’e.s view the video here

Snatch w gloves 14kg @freetempo 5.15’/4′ view the video here

Swings 24kg 60/60 view video here


Added five minutes to cardio..all good. I left my runners on as i wanted to see if snatching in them felt any better..not quite sure i noticed a difference..might have to keep testing to see what feels better.

The 16kg sw+sn was good..managed the 3 minutes each side ok..was conscious that not all my reps were good as there is a bit of movement in my fixation. I am trying to stay a bit longer in fixation to ensure that i come to a standstill.

The 14kg glove snatch was hard! I was aiming for 6 minuets on each side but fell short. I was focusing on closing the gap between my arm and my core as i come down. i think it is looking a little bit better than last week. I had major forearm fatigue and had to stop before the timer went off 😦 so i managed 5 minutes and 15 seconds on the left and 4 minutes on the right.

The heavy swings were also hard. I tried the pendulum swing with the double i really felt like my legs were working much more than previous heavy swings..i could really feel them on the second dip..not sure if this is how it is meant to feel? Bt my legs were working!

I will upload the videos when i get home. Looking forward to a rest day tomorrow!


Week 2/12 – Day 3

Jerk 2x14kg @7rpm 2′ x2 view video here

Jerk 16kg @12 rpm 3′ e.s x2 view video here

Jerk 2x12kg @9rpm 8′ view video here

Swings 20kg 100/100 view video here

Strength circuit x2:

Rev lunge from step 20e.s
GP squats 30kg 50 reps


Holy moly this was a killer session..i was totally drenched by the end! I totally miscalculated my reps on the 16kg jerk and did 6 minutes on the left side and 3.5 minutes on the other @12 rpm..sheesh nearly a 10minute wonder i was dead!!!

The 14kg double jerk felt fine. The 8 minute 12kg double jerk set was tough on my hands towards the end..they felt really fatigued.

The swings are feeling really good now..i am just letting my upper body lead and they feel much lighter!

The new squats were tough as well..the step i am using for the lunges is the smallest jumping box so still a bit high..they were tough on my quads.

I have come to the conclusion that thursdays (day 3 of training) is the toughest!! But i love it 🙂

Week 2/12 – Day 2

Cardio – 30mins

1 swing + 1 snatch 16kg @freetempo 2.5′ e.s view video here

Snatch 14kg @18rpm 4′ e.s view video here

Swings max 28kg 50/50


Cardio felt great..jogging at 157bpm average..should have gone a bit sower though.

I was thinking the snatch a bit too much..i think i was getting the letting it swing longer in the back swing but then the hand insertion was a bit off again. And i found it hard to come to a complete standstill for the fixation with the rapid pace.
Forearm fatigue again the main thing with the 14kg 8 minute set.

Week 2/12 – Day 1

Jerk 16kg @14rpm 1’work/1’rest – 6 sets each arm
Bumps 2x16kg @16rpm 2.5′
Heavy swings 28kg 50/50


Well the weekend wasn’t as intense as i had expected. W spent most of the time watching videos of russian lifters and looking at old photos of russian lifters. The one thing that Sergey made quite clear is that everyone has their unique style and you have to find your style of lifting..And that its important to track every single workout (he had his lifting diaries since he started with him) and that you have to go back and analyse your results and experiment with different training methods and analyse and keep track of personal bests etc.
in regards to my lifting he said i have good technique and my cardio is perfect..i need to work on my explosiveness with the really make my legs and glutes and hips work to launch that kettlebell off the rack position. And with my snatch he said that i am pulling too soon from the back i need to let the bell swing back u a bit more and then do the acceleration pull.
Overall i picked up good tips, learnt a lot about the history of kb..and got a bit a few easy workouts in.

Today’S workout was my living room so no filming. I don’t have my 20kg bell here so i used the 28 for the swings.

I think i am ok for my session tomorrow so i will take wednesday off.

Week 1/12 – Day 4

Cardio 30′

1snatch + 1swing 16kg @freetempo 2′ e.s here is the vid

Snatch gloves 14kg @freetempo 5’e.s video here

Heavy swings 20kg 87/87 here is the video


Cardio was back on the treadmill and knees felt fine 🙂
Snatches are still not feeling ‘right’..the 10 minute glove set was tough on the 4th minute on each hand..was very close to giving up..but machines dont give up so kept at it 😉
Very fatigued forearms!
Heavy swings were ok..i kept forgetting to switch my weight onto the opposite foot to the kb..eventually got it in the end..they felt better with no funny kb butt flicking ! Coach was right it wasn’t the weight of the kb after all!

I am off to Melbourne tomorrow to do the ketacademy level 1 course ..looking forward to it very much. I am doing the 2 day course and a one on one session on monday morning with sergey. It would be good if he looked at my snatch technique. It also means It may throw my training schedule off a bit as i don’t get back till monday..well see how i feel on monday and if i am ok i will squeeze in a session in the afternoon and take tuesday off.

Over and out 🙂

Week 1/12 – Day 3

Dbl jerk 14 kg @7rpm 1.5mins then 2 mins view video here
Jerk 16kg @12rpm 2.5′ e.s x2 view video here
Dbl jerk 12kg @12rpm 7′ (should have been 9rpm but i read my workout log incorrectly!) here is the video
Bumps double 16kg @16rpm 2′ here is the video
Heavy swings 20kh @max 70/70

Strength circuit x2
A1. Bck squat 35kg 15 reps
A2. Inverted rows 20 reps
A3. One leg rdl 20kg e.s 9 reps
A4. Pushups 30

Russian twist 1.5′

Jerks felt better today.. I played with the new technique and did a few reps with that and a few with the felt a bit more secure today.
I mis read my training log and did the 7minute dbl jerk set at 12rpm..i was quite exhausted by the end..mainly forearm fatigue.
I tried the bumps with the 16s as i now have the technique clear in my head..i think they are looking better!
I didnt feel as if i had enough energy in the tank to do 37.5kg squats so i did 35kg..i dont really like squats so i think i have a mental barrier there. I also note that once i start getting heavy i lean to one side as i come i think i will take it a bit slower with weight increases so as to build my confidence under the bar a bit more.

Week 1/12 – Day 2

Cardio 30’

1 swing + 1 snatch 16kg @freetempo 1.5’ e.s view video here

Snatch 14kg @18rpm 3’e.s view video here

2 swing + 1 snatch 14kg @freetempo 5’e.s view video here

Heavy swings 20kg 100 e.s view video here


Slight twitch in my knee so I did cardio on the elliptical..good workout!

The first two snatch sets felt ok – the third one where I was doing 2 swings and 1 snatch I felt that my right hand insert was a bit sloppy. Somehow it feels like the snatch is a bit harder when you are adding those extra I have less momentum – is this how it should be feeling?

Heavy swings still looking sloppy with my left arm..the bell doing that bounce nearly hitting my butt thing. The right hand is a bit better.