Week 4 – Day 1

CKT1 Test with 16kg

Hand to hand swings – 100 Here is the video

OA LC @8rpm – 2′ e.s Here is the video

Snatch @16rpm – 2′ e.s Here is the video

Front squat @15rpm – 2′


Snatch with gloves – 12kg @free tempo 6′ e.s Here is the video


30′ cardio


I am using a new video analysis tool today called Coache’s Eye..it is great for seeing my technique in slow motion – i have analysed a few of my videos (added slow motion and some comments) i tried to do front and side views as i was training.

Overall the CKT1 with the 16kg bell was OK. My hand to hand swings weren’t very good to begin with as i wasn’t fully extending my legs but i think i later corrected that. I felt that my snatches weren’t very good today – i was having issues with the hand insertion – felt like the bell was banging on my wrist a bit. i think my tempo was ok and i even managed to smile a bit ;). The LC was good – no comments there.

The snatch with gloves was hard towards the 6th minute on each hand – again hand/forearm fatigue more than anything else.

My jog was good – managed to keep my heart rate down – it was an outside jog today which was a nice change!


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