Week 4 – Day 3

Double jerks 14kg @9rpm , @11rpm view video here

Double jerks 12kg @9rpm 5′ x2 view video here

Bumps 16kg @16rpm 1′ view video here 

heavy swings 24kg max. 75/75 view video here

a1. Bck squats 35kg 20 reps

a2. Inverted rows 20 reps

b1. 1 leg rdl 17.5kg dumbbells 9 reps

b2. Pushups max

deadbug 1.5′

russian twist 1.5′


The first set of jerks with the 14kg were ok. I feel that i need to work a lot more on my explosiveness – i felt this with the bumps too. In the bumps video you can see that i was trying to push off with my calfs..not sure if this is correct and where the force should be coming from.

The 5 minute jerk sets were ok cardio wise but my wrists got a bit fatigued in the first set.

i did stick to the deload plan and only did one set of the strength exercises..so good on me ..lets hope my body knows it needs to recover this week so we can ramp it back up next week!





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