Week 2/12 – Day 1

Jerk 16kg @14rpm 1’work/1’rest – 6 sets each arm
Bumps 2x16kg @16rpm 2.5′
Heavy swings 28kg 50/50


Well the weekend wasn’t as intense as i had expected. W spent most of the time watching videos of russian lifters and looking at old photos of russian lifters. The one thing that Sergey made quite clear is that everyone has their unique style and you have to find your style of lifting..And that its important to track every single workout (he had his lifting diaries since he started with him) and that you have to go back and analyse your results and experiment with different training methods and analyse and keep track of personal bests etc.
in regards to my lifting he said i have good technique and my cardio is perfect..i need to work on my explosiveness with the jerk..so really make my legs and glutes and hips work to launch that kettlebell off the rack position. And with my snatch he said that i am pulling too soon from the back swing..so i need to let the bell swing back u a bit more and then do the acceleration pull.
Overall i picked up good tips, learnt a lot about the history of kb..and got a bit a few easy workouts in.

Today’S workout was good..in my living room so no filming. I don’t have my 20kg bell here so i used the 28 for the swings.

I think i am ok for my session tomorrow so i will take wednesday off.


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