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Week 7 – Day 2

Jerk 16kg @18rpm 1.5min intervals x4
L: 27/26/25/25 heres the video
R: 25/24/25/20 here is the other arm

Double jerk 2x14kg @12rpm 5min set
12/11/9/9/7 dogy form but here it is

Snatch 16kg @16rpm 8min set here it is
L: 18/16/17/16
R: 17/17/17/16

Black snatch 14kg 10min set
Cardio 15min run

Another tough one. Day 2 of my green smoothie cleanse i slept very well and woke up feeling good. The training session was tough..the jerks more so than the snatches.
Snatch intervals were hard towards the end and the last set with my rig only managed 20 reps. My form and technique is much better on my right though.
Double jerks were a killer again and they just felt a bit clumsy and not right with the timing. I know i did them last week but i just feel out of practice when i do them.
Snatch was good..only bummer was a got a blister on my right palm..gripping too hard on the bell 😦
Run was enjoyable 🙂
I am planning on training again that is 3 days back to back..hope my energy levels can take it..i’ll then take it easy on thursday before my still debating whether to go through with the full 5 day smoothie cleanse or finish it up on Thursday night and have a nice raw granola breakfast on friday morning before the course…hmmm..ill see how i feel 🙂


Week 7 – Day 1

Jerk 16kg @16rpm 6min set get video here
L: 18/15/13
R: 18/15/12

Jerk 20kg @12rpm 2 min set get video here
L: 11
R: 10

Snatch 16kg @16rpm 8min set get video here
L: 16/17/15/15
R: 15/16/15/14

Glove snatch 14kg 10min set

OA row 22.5kg 15 reps
GS squats 40kg 40/30
Swings 24kg 65/65

4 min core work


Phew a hard start to the week. I am underestimating how hard each session is getting. The jerks felt heavy. The 20kg jerk still looks like a dogs breakfast on the left side but the right side is getting better.
The 16kg snatches started off a bit shaky but got better. The glove snatches killed my forearms!

Bring on tomorrow hu 🙂

Week 6 – Day 3

Jerk 16kg @13rpm abandoned set at 5 min view video here

Jerk 16kg 10min set view video here
R: 15/13/12/12/11
L: 14/15/13/13/11

Snatch 16kg 10min set here’s the video
L: 15/16/14/14/11
R: 16/14/13/14/14

Left clean 16kg/20kg/24kg – 1min
Right clean 16kg/20kg/24kg – 1min
Left jerk 16kg/20kg – 1min
Right jerk 16kg/20kg – 1min
Swings 16kg/20kg/24kg/28kg/32kg – 1min

Man these were not the sets I had envisaged! Taking into account that I fasted yesterday then went out for dinner and had to choose the lesser bad options..6 hrs patchy sleep…an abandoned set due to my weight lifting belt scratching my elbow then riding up my waist and getting totally thrown off I think I didn’t do too bad 🙂

So the first jerk set was crap..the weight lifting belt was uncomfortable..started scratching my elbow then it rode up my waist.i couldn’t even jerk anymore:( so I abandoned the set and waited 5 minutes before starting again.

Second time round was the numbers overall. I start well then slow down..maybe something I need to wprk on?

Had a 30min break before my snatches. They were ok..not quite hitting the numbers so more work needed there!

Iwas still feeling energetic so I added a little complex to finish off my session.

Now off to get a massage 🙂

Will link videos soon!

Week 6 – Day 2

Jerk @16kg x1min intervals @18rpm
L: 18/18/18/18/16/16 view video here
R: 18/18/18/18/18/16 view video here

Jerk @2x14kg 4min @12rpm
12/12/8/6 reps view video

Snatch @16kg x3min30 e.s @16rpm view video here
L: 18/18/17/6
R: 17/17/16/6

Black snatch @14kg x4min e.s

Elliptical intervals x15min

I found the double jerks hard today..i looked back and it has been a few weeks since i did them so maybe just lack of practice.

I tried my snatches without my beeper today and relying on my breathing and looking at my analog timer..i went a bit faster than the pace i should have but this will come with more practice.

Tired forearms after my snatches.

Knee was ok today but i did something else very stupid..yesterday i was barefoot in the gym spotting my partner with her squats and i stepped on the squat rack and cut my heel..boohoo..the universe is trying to tell me more attention!! I am paranoid i am going to get injured or sick before the comp..i think i need to calm down and relax!!

Over and out for today 🙂

Week 6 – Day 1

Jerk 16kg @14rpm 4’e.s view video here
L1′ 18 reps
L2′ 15 reps
L3′ 13 reps
L4′ 8 reps..finished sooner than i thought
Total for left 54 reps (2 short)

R1′ 16 reps
R2′ 13 reps
R3′ 12 reps
R4′ 9 reps
Total for right 50 reps (6short)

Snatch 16kg @16rpms 3.5′ e.s view video here

Glove snatch 14kg 4′ e.s view video here

Jerk 20kg multiswitch 10/5/7/2 (didn’t get to 40) view video here

Oa row 22.5kg 15 reps
GS squats 80 (sets of 20 with 5 second rest in between)
Swing max 24kg 75/75 reps

Core work 3′


A bit of a shaky start to the week! Jerks felt heavy and when i went back to count i realised that i bolted in the first minute doing 18 reps then 15 reps in the second..was supposed to be 14rpm! N wonder it started to feel heavy towards the end! I really need to sort out my timer as i get a bit confused when estimating number of reps per minute..lots of blonde moments early in the morning 😦

Snatches are slowly starting to feel better..i can feel when it is a good rep..which isn’t often but i can sense when they feel right. I also felt when i wasn’t using my legs..when i focus and feel my weight shifting in my legs i can see how the ascension is much easier.

The 20kg jerks without putting the bell down are harder then last week when i did 10 then rested for a minute i didn’t quite manage 40..will aim for 40 in my next session. I can also feel how i lean to my side when i jerk with the left i need to pay attention to that. I am not pushing off my legs and core but using the side of my body for power and support. My right arm is better and i can feel how its my whole body pushing up and jerking that bell off my body.

I would have liked to start the week stronger but you have good days and not so good days..gotta roll with the punches i guess and aim to improve next time!

Week 5 – Day 3

Jerk @16kg x4min e.s @14 rpm

Snatch @16kg x3min e.s @16rpm

Snatch with gloves @14kg x2-4min e.s

Jerk @20kg x30 reps total (3 sets of 10/10.)

1 arm row x10-15 e.s
GS squat @35kg x70
Swing @24kg x 60/60


E 16kg snatch felt ugly on the left side..i was with my back to the mirror so it took me a while to ‘feel’ the snatch.i have gotten used to seeing it and then fixing..but it guess its good practice to have my back to the mirror as that is what while happen in the comp!
Technique with the glove snatch felt better..i could really feel that some reps were good and how they should right arm snatch is much better than my left.
20kg jerks were good..i reckon i could do a 1 rep max jerk with the 24:) but i wont try that just yet!
I was actually feeling quite good by the end of the session so i added a 30minute light jog..saturdays are my favourite day to train as i have more time and can really relax into the session.
Overall a good training week!

Week 5 – Day 2

Jerk 16kg @16rpm – 1′ intervals 7 sets each arm
view left arm video here
view right arm video here

Double jerk 2x12kg @13rpm 6′ set view video here

Snatch 16kg @16rpm 3′ each side view video here

Glove snatch 14kg 4′ left side/3.5′ right side view video here

15 minute jog

I am still stressing over my snatch and my blister got a little worse with the 16kg snatch..boohoo.
The jerks felt ok and i enjoy the double jerk a lot! I watched a bit of my one arm jerk and noticed that i dont really stay in fixation for very long..might need to pay a bit more attention to this..getting into fixation a bit quicker so that i can lock it there for a few seconds without losing too much pace.
The session went a bit long so i didn’t get a chance to do my core work..might do that tomorrow with my cardio and on saturday when i have a bit more time and can get really into the core stuff and mobility afterwards