Week 3/12 – Day 3

Jerk @2x14kg @7rpm 2′ then 2.5′

Jerk @16kg x4min e.s @12 rpm

Jerk @2x12kg x6min @12rpm

Superset x2
A1 Reverse lunge 5kg x20 e.s
A2 GS squat @30kg x50
A3 inverted rows x20

Swing @20kg 85/85


The 12kg double jerk felt surprisingly light for the first 2 minutes..nearly as if the kbs were flying up on their own!
The one arm jerk was fine..just a little fatigue but not like i wants to throw the kbs across the room 🙂
Had to gt some extra holes in my new weightlifting belt ..i picked it up today..still fits a tiny bit big..i may have to take it somewhere where they can actually cut it s that the buckle stays in the centre of my waist and not towards the side..i tried it on and i can see the potential for my elbows to hit the buckle when i rack..
I went to kickboxing today so this week will be 5 days of training with no rest..sat and sun will be rest days!


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