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Week 11 – Day 3

Jerk 16kg @18rpm 8min set this is the video
L: 19/19/16/16
R: 17/17/13/12
Total 129 reps (pb)

30min run (3.75km)

Snatch 16kg @16rpm 8min set here is the video
R: 16/16/15/16
Total 126 reps

Hold complex 2 rounds
1min Famrmers hold 2x28kg
1min o/h hold left 18kg
1min o/h hold right 18kg
1min rack left 20kg
1min rack right 20kg
60reps russian twist 12kg

Hands survived and are looking awesome!!
Jerks better than ever!
3.75km run in 30min is a record.
Snatches pretty much kept to my prescribed pace so all good.
Overall a geat session and a good finish to a long training cycle. Looking forward to tsprring off and having an easy week now before the big day next Saturday!! Went to the chiro my back cracked..still feeling a bit stiff but with a massage today and an easy week I think I will be ok!
Feeling strong and confident 🙂


Week 11 – Day 2

Jerk 16kg @16-18rpm 12min set switch sides every 2min

Black snatch 16kg 10 min set (4min left/6min right)
Min 1-2: sw sw sw sn
Min 3-4: sw sn
Min 5 -6: sn @16-18rpm

OA row 24kg 20
Gs Squat 50kg 60
Swings 24kg 74/75

Jerks were all good..sweaty set. I cut short my left snatch as I didn’t want to risk re-ripping my newly healed callus. Tje snatches felt good though so looking forward to Saturday and a set with hopefully no hand bandage!

Week 11 – Day 1

Jerk 16kg @16rpm 8min set here is the video
L: 16/16/15/15
R: 18/15/12/9
Total 116 reps

Jerk 16kg @18rpm 5min set here is the video
L: 17/18/9
R: 17/16/8
Total 85 reps

Snatch 16kg @16rpm 8min set here is the video
R: 16/17/16/17
Total 135 reps

Snatch 16kg @18rpm 5min set here is the video
L: 18/19/8
R: 17/18/10
Total 90 reps


Arrrg bad start to the week 😦 ripped a callus on my left hand (under my pinky) during the fast 5min set..i was pleasantly surprised after my 8min set and perfect hands and then boom. Oh well. It should be back to normal in a few days. I will tape it on wednesday.
Jerks were hard..the 8min set took me to failure on the last minute on my right hand. I am starting to think that it will be very difficult to maintain a 16rpm cadence for the full 10min on comp day..snatches should be ok.

Week 10 – Day 3

Jerk 16kg @18rpm 8min set here is the footage
L: 17/18/16/15
R: 16/16/15/13
Total 126

Snatch 16kg @18rpm 8min here is the side view video
L: 18/19/18/16
R: 18/18/19/17
Total 143

OA row 24kg 10 reps x2
GS squats 45kg 40 reps x2
Heavy swings 24kg 65/75

Finisher 3 rounds
Farmer holds 2x28kg 1min
O/H hold 18kg 1min e.s
Rack hold 20kg 1min e.s

Snatches back to feeling good! Hand insertion is still happening too late but the acceleration pull is a bit more aggressive. with the side view video i can see that there is a bit of a jerk overhead still..i think if i try to get the insertion earlier this may be reduced a bit. Wasn’t watching the clock so just going by my own tempo.
Jerks were hard.. Couldn’t quite keep up the 18rpm. The bell just got heavy in the third and forth minute 😦
Still had a bit in the tank at the end so added a bit of hold finisher.

Week 10 – Day 2

Jerk 20kg @12rpm 4min set see the video here
Total 48 reps PR

Jerk 16kg @18rpm 12min set (switch every minute)

Black Snatch 16kg 12min set
1-2: sw/sw/sntch
3-4: sw/sntch
5-6: snatch @18rpm

20minute interval session
7.5min 2:1
7.5min 1:1
5min 1:2

Jerks felt really good today..snatches not so much..glad i didn’t get a video of them cause they were embarrassing! I have a callus forming on my left hand just on the outside of my forefinger so it was hurting on the way i could do 2 min at 18rpm..i probably managed 15rpm.

Cardio intervals were good..worked up a nice ol sweat!

Week 10 – Day 1

Jerk 16kg @16rpm 6min set here is the video
L: 16/16/16
R: 16/15/16
Total 95 reps

Jerk 16kg @18rpm 6min set
L: 18/17/17
R: 17/17/15
Total 101 reps

Snatch 16kg @16rpm 8min set here is the video
L: 18/17/16/15
R: 15/17/16/17
Total 131 reps

Snatch 16kg @18rpm 4min set
L: 19/16
R: 18/20
Total 73 reps

OA row 24kg 10/10 reps
GS squats 45kg 40/30 reps
Swings 24kg 50/75 reps

I was over thinking my snatches..pace, hand insertion, weight on feet, rips on hand blah blah so they did not feel very relaxed at all.
Jerks did feel good and i could tell that my pace was better than usual. My numbers reflect a more even pace.
I still have a small rip n my left palm so stressing about that. Hoping it heals quick! I did less heavy swings with my left because of this.