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Week 4 – Day 1

Jerk 20kg @12rpm 4min set here is the video

Jerk 20kg @12rpm 3min set

Jerk 20kg @12rpm 2min set

Black snatch 18kg 10min set

Clean +pushpress 14kg @10rpm 5min set here is the video

Swings max 20kg 110/110 reps
Hindu squats 60reps
Russian twist 14kg 2min

Ok so i have now verified that my right arm is definitely weaker than my left! I started my jerks on my right today and i couldn’t get the 12 reps in the last minute then i couldn’t get the last 6 in the second it just whole arm..i just try to lift the bell and it goes half way up then boom i cant lift it any further. This doesn’t really happen on my left..even today it felt stronger going after my right arm…i guess this means i need more strength work for my arms?

I was intending on doing a full 12min black snatch set but my forearms were fried by the 5 minute mark on each arm..i will try again next time.

I was focusing on the drop in my clean and push trying not to throw the bell down with a push off my shouled..just letting it fall.i think i got it but i kinda didn’t pay as much attention to the clean and making it a soft landing…next time i will try to integrate both 😉

I have videos..will upload later!


Week 3 – Day 3

Jerk 18kg 6.5min set @14rpm here is the video
Total: 78reps

Snatch 18kg 7min set @16rpm here is the video
Total: 95 reps

Clean and push press 14kg 4min set here is the video
R: 8/9

Clean 18kg 4min set here is the video

Double swings 2x16kg 70 reps x2 here is the video
Hindu squats 50 reps
Russian twist 2min

Wowzers the jerks were hard! Left arm was ok and consistent but right arm really felt the fatigue amd only went to 3min instead of 3.5
Snatches werent too bad..I think I had the hand insertion better on a few reps..but def forearm fatigue on the right in the last minute.
Cleans felt ok..I think I controlled my little dance a bit better today:)
Double swings bad ass again 70 reps then 70 again 🙂
Internet is super slow today so will upload the videos as i go this weekend.
Looking forward to next week!

Week 3 – Day 2

Jerk 14kg @20rpm 10min set (switch every min)

Snatch 14kg @20rpm 10min set (switch every min)

AMRAP – 10.5 rounds in 10min (2 more rounds than last week)

I quite like the light and fast workouts..i work up quite a sweat. Hands are perfect and everything is feeling good.
My legs are feeling perfect after my run yesterday and the 2 beers i had with dinner last night went down really well 🙂
Hump day…a little closer to the weekend 🙂

Week 3 – Day 1

Jerk 18kg @12rpm 4min set

Jerk 20kg @12rpm 4min set
R: 12/8

Jerk 20kg @12rpm 4min set
L: 9/4
R: 8/-

Black Snatch 18kg 10min set
Min1-2: sw sw sn
Min 3-4: sw sn
Min 5: sn

Clean push press 14kg @8rpm 6min set here is the video coach

Heavy swings 24kg 80/80
Hindu squats 50
Russian twist 12kg 1min

Initial hand insertion in the jerks is getting better as i clean to my shoulder..doesn’t make the 20kg bell any lighter haha 😦 baby more time under the 20kg bell today compared to last monday (although overall volume lifted in jerks was less today than last monday).

Was hoping to do a 12min black snatch set but only got to 10.

Clean and push press video is up.

Hmmmm it did feel like i wasn’t 100% today..i didn’t eat very well over the weekend (under ate on saturday and yesterday) so maybe that has something to do with it. Also didn’t drink enough water over e weekend. Will keep an eye on these things this week!

Week 2 – Day 3

Jerk 18kg @14rpm 6min set here is the video
L: 13/14/14
R: 14/11/5

Snatch 18kg @16rpm 6min set here is the video
L: 15/15/14
R: 15/15/15

Clean + pushpress 14kg @8rpm 6min set

Heavy swings 2x16kg 60 reps

Russian twist 2min 120 reps

Eeeeiik stepping up the weights! The jerk felt good on the left but i didn’t get my hand insertion and grip right on the right so by the 3rd minute my wrist was fried and dead 😦 i think that is one thing i don’t like about the jerk..if you get your hand in the wrong way to start with its really difficult to fix it during the set!
The snatches felt quite good seeing it was my first time snatching something heavier than 16kg! My fixation felt very wobbly though..i guess i just have to get used to the speed of that weight going overhead and stopping the bell at the right time..
Long cycle push press was actually really cool..i have always stayed away from long cycle as i wasn’t very good with the racking bit but today it was really smooth and soft landing and it was just lovely hihi..i think there may be something starting here 😉
And to finish off double swings..i haven’t done double swings in ages..the last time i did them was with 2x12kg and i could barely manage 25 reps..i got 60 reps with 2x16kg today so more proof that my strength and endurance has just improved so much this year..its awesome!!! And i looked bad ass doing them;)

Week 2 – Day 2

Jerk 14kg @18rpm 12min set (switch every min)

Snatch 14kg @18rpm 12min set (switch every min)

AMRAP in 10min (got 8 and a half rounds)
Farmer jumps 2x8kg 6reps
Ice skater jumps 6reps
Push ups 6reps
RDL 40kg 6reps
Inverted rows 6reps

Mmmmmm nice metallic taste in my mouth after the jerk intervals..good to know i am hitting my anaerobic threshold 😉
I tried to focus on technique with both the snatches and jerks..using the legs, legs, ,legs!
The AMRAP routine starts slow then really speeds up leaving me totally drenched..all good hard to be the best i can be 😉