GSAA Nationals 2013 – Comp day!

So i have a post comp hangover! Achy muscles and moving around in a bit of slow motion..lucky its sunday 😉

First thoughts/feelings after my sets yesterday: disappointment. I had a number in my head, actually i had three letters in my head and i fell short 😦 today i woke up feeling a better..humbled..determined and grateful.

It was a tough day..a lot tougher than i envisaged. I got off to an early 6:30am start..had my usual saturday morning pre training coconut milk chai at 7:30am and tried to relax a bit. Weigh in was supposed to be at 9am so i arrived at the gym about 15min early. It was already a cracker of a day with a forecasted max of about 28 degrees..i think it probably reached 30 degrees celsius in the gym! There was a class happening in the gym and the platforms hadn’t arrived..we ended up waiting for 3 hours (standing around outside). My first big mistake: assuming that because i always train on an empty stomach (as i train at 6am) not eating anything before my jerk set would be jerk set wasn’t till 12:30pm….

So i was in the first flight. I got on the platform at 12:30 feeling nervous but ready..i had chalked my bell and warmed up and was feeling good. I started my jerk set off strong (albeit too fast as usual) but my first and second minute were good..19 reps then 18 reps..feeling strong and solid. Then i hit the 2.30 min mark and all of my sudden my arm turns to jelly. I literally try to jerk the bell and i can’t.
I try again and the same thing happens..i cant even get it half way up. I am shocked. This is the first time that this happens to me..usually my second and third minute on my left are my strongest. I just didn’t understand what was going on. A million things went through my i give up? Do i switch hands now? Do i drop the bell? I just stopped and took a deep breath and tried went up ok..i tried another and that went up ok. So i slowly got my groove back and finished my set. But holy moly i was freaked out.
So my second mistake.. i spent the last three months visualising how good i was going to be, how my pace was going to be perfect, how strong each minute and each rep was going to be. I didn’t contemplate failure. I didn’t visualise what would do if my arm gave out in the second minute. That just wasn’t an option. Bt it happened. So lesson learnt. Shit happens and you have to have a plan for it.
I ended up averaging about 14 reps a minute..which was what my coach said i should aim for. When he said that i thought ‘pffft i can do so much better than that!’ So my coach knows what he is talking about and i should listen!

here is the footage of my jerk set
Final numbers:
Left:19/18/13/14/15 can see the big dip in the third minute
Right: 18/15/13/11/9
Official count: 142 reps

My snatch set was better. I have to admit that when i walked over to mybell and picked it up to take to the chalk bucket i thought to myself ‘holy crap this thing weighs 32kg!!’..i stopped myself there cause i saw the negative self talk creeping in.
Not sure exactly what happened on my left side but i did my hand switch before the 5 minute mark..about 9 reps into the 4th minute..i thought i had torn my hands so i switched..turns out i didnt rip my hands at all. Right hand snatch was ok and finished strong.

here is my snatch set
Left: 19/18/17/17/9
Right: 22/17/16/13/15
Total official count: 164 reps

So before comp day I was convinced that i would start training for the 20kg i am not so sure. I think i need to really master that jerk before i move onto the 20kg. So maybe aim for CMS in 16kg biathlon in the november comp? I think that is achievable. At least now i know a few things: i need to eat before my set, shit can happen, a hand tear is not the end of the world!

Big big thanks to my coach Thierry Sanchez..i wouldn’t have gotten to where i am now without his guidance and support. I look forward to achieving big things together!


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