New cycle new goals

5km run today

So new 12 week cycle starting today..getting back into the groove of things with a nice moderate pace run.

Next comps coming up:

16th November: IKSFA comp in Sydney
30th November: IKFF comp in Sydney

Based on my results over the weekend I plan to compete in the 16kg biathlon in the IKSFA comp and hit CMS. I would like to then give the 20kg biathlon a go at the IKFF comp to set a very  basic starting point from which to work off with views of hitting serious 20kg or 22kg numbers by March/April next year.

So little steps but always moving forward! We’ll see what my coach thinks 😉


2 thoughts on “New cycle new goals

    1. aussiekb Post author

      Hi Doug yep I don’t think they have made much hoohar about it. It’s organized by Bootcamps Australia in Haberfield. They mentioned it at the CKT certification workshop in August and they have it up on their blackboard in the gym. Might be best to ask Jess or Kent via the IKFF Australia facebook page 😉


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