Week 3 – Day 1

Jerk 18kg @12rpm 4min set

Jerk 20kg @12rpm 4min set
R: 12/8

Jerk 20kg @12rpm 4min set
L: 9/4
R: 8/-

Black Snatch 18kg 10min set
Min1-2: sw sw sn
Min 3-4: sw sn
Min 5: sn

Clean push press 14kg @8rpm 6min set here is the video coach

Heavy swings 24kg 80/80
Hindu squats 50
Russian twist 12kg 1min

Initial hand insertion in the jerks is getting better as i clean to my shoulder..doesn’t make the 20kg bell any lighter haha 😦 baby steps..got more time under the 20kg bell today compared to last monday (although overall volume lifted in jerks was less today than last monday).

Was hoping to do a 12min black snatch set but only got to 10.

Clean and push press video is up.

Hmmmm it did feel like i wasn’t 100% today..i didn’t eat very well over the weekend (under ate on saturday and yesterday) so maybe that has something to do with it. Also didn’t drink enough water over e weekend. Will keep an eye on these things this week!


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