Week 3 – Day 3

Jerk 18kg 6.5min set @14rpm here is the video
Total: 78reps

Snatch 18kg 7min set @16rpm here is the video
Total: 95 reps

Clean and push press 14kg 4min set here is the video
R: 8/9

Clean 18kg 4min set here is the video

Double swings 2x16kg 70 reps x2 here is the video
Hindu squats 50 reps
Russian twist 2min

Wowzers the jerks were hard! Left arm was ok and consistent but right arm really felt the fatigue amd only went to 3min instead of 3.5
Snatches werent too bad..I think I had the hand insertion better on a few reps..but def forearm fatigue on the right in the last minute.
Cleans felt ok..I think I controlled my little dance a bit better today:)
Double swings bad ass again 70 reps then 70 again 🙂
Internet is super slow today so will upload the videos as i go this weekend.
Looking forward to next week!


4 thoughts on “Week 3 – Day 3

  1. Thierry Sanchez

    HI Deb, what’s the fatigue with right arm in jerk? triceps?
    Maybe next week start with right side, see how it goes.
    Snatch is looking better.
    cleans, remember to lean back as you rotate your wrist and let the KB fall. No pushing away like you do.
    Snatch or clean uses same principles: your upper body is a counterweight, less direct pulling.
    You can practice with your double swings to let the KB swings a bit more, you’re pulling early with arms. right now as soon as the KB go past your knees your arms take over, it should be your quads that take over first to assist the vertical portion of the exercise, and your arms go with the flow. Makes sense?

    1. aussiekb Post author

      Hi Coach
      The jerk fatigue is mainly in hand and forearm..not so much triceps.
      I will start with the right this week should be interesting!
      So the push in rhe clean was to give it momentum to fall..so I should just lean back and let it have less powerful fall? Will that mean it has less momentum when I have to pull it back up?
      I watched your double kb swings and did noticenyour arms closer to your body..like a one arm swing..I will try that so pendulum with the legs and arms closer to the body instead of pulling the bells up..makes sense!

      1. Thierry Sanchez

        OK, could be the position of the KB, but a bit strange…
        Clean: yes, just a gentle drop and you have to use your legs and hips. Of course when working with a light weight or short sets, it’s not a decisive factor.

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