Week 4 – Day 3

Jerk 18kg @14rpm 8min set
here is the video

Snatch 18kg @16rpm 8min set
here is the video

Clean + PushPress 14kg @10rpm 6min set

Clean 18kg @16rpm 6min set

Double Swings 2x16kg 80 reps/80reps
Hindu squats 50reps
Russian twist 12kg 2min

Wow this was a hard session. I had been psyching myself up for it all week and i was looking forward to it but i didn’t think it was going to be this tough!
Jerks were hard. I forgot to start with the right so again the left was stronger but the third minute was tough, i was ready to throw the towel in..but i kept going. I am happy to say that i did do the whole 8min set so that is a plus!
Snatches were hard too…left side was ok but by the time i got to the 3rd and 4th minute on the right i was tired and only managed 8 reps.
Still getting the hang of it with the cleans..some felt good and others a bit sloppy. I think i now know what a good catch and hand insertion feels like so just a matter of practising until it sticks!
I also went tot the chiro this afternoon. My back has been feeling a bit tight lately..like its not loose and well oiled. We went over what may have caused it and i think its the two back stretches that i learnt at my CKT 2 months ago. One is like a half back flip up against the wall..with my back facing the wall (not touching) i lean over and place my hands on the wall and crawl them down as far down as you can. The other was the cobra stretch ..laying face down on the floor place both hand at about chest level and push upper body up over extending the back….so apparently these two are very risky for the back and i shouldn’t do them anymore. So two days off this weekend just relaxing and getting ready for next week!


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