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Welcome to the dom days…Swk1 – day 2


6 6 6 6 6 4
30kg 40kg 50kg 55kg 60kg 65kg

One arm rows

6 6 6 6 6 5
12.5kg 15kg 17.5kg 20kg 22.5kg 25kg

Pushups 3×10
Bb curls 20kg 9/9/15 reps

AMRAP 5min x1
One arm o/h carry 16kg 100 steps e.s
One arm farmer carry 22kg 100 steps e.s

Rowing 10min/2.13km


I think i can feel every major muscle in my body today..and i need a railing next to my toilet to help me sit and stand :p welcome back to the world of doms for me! Nice to know i am waking some muscles up from their lazy slumber!

Well deadlifts are still my strongest lift..60kg max without training the lift in months..nice..i am pretty sure i can probably get to 80kg by the end of the month.


Strength Week 1- Day 1

BB Back Squats

10 6 6 6 6 5
BW 20kg 22.5kg 25kg 27.5kg 30kg

BB Floor Press

6 6 6 6 6 6
15kg 20kg 22.5kg 25kg 27.5kg 30kg

Windmills 10x8kg, 10x12kg, 10x12kg
KB swings max 24kg 60/60

Rowing 10min/2km


Squats were damn hard 😦 i suck at them so bad.. Did 5 sets with my max at 30kg..woeful. Lots of work to be done there!
Floor presses were good.. Windmills challenging but I can see how i will progress quickly with them.

Had wobbly legs walking out of the gym..

End of Cycle 3

Cycle 3 came to an unexpected end.. My wisdom tooth flared up the day after the comp and i had to have it removed.. I then passed out and was in the ER for a day.  So no training last week and slowly getting back on track now.. Just long walks to work this week.

This also means the end of my GS training for this year.. I will take December off to do some strength based work and some fun rowing and Kickboxing 🙂

Thanks to my coach Thierry Sanchez for the guidance and advice and coaching this year!  I had my first  comp in March this year with the 12kg snatch and i have finished the year competing in the 16kg biathlon.. Lots of gains and lots learnt!! Thanks coach! 

Week 11- Day 1

Rowing 20min 4.6km 168bpm average

Snatch 12kg @16rpm 10min set
R: 16/16/16/16/16

Rowing improved again..2 weeks ago i did 4.1km in 20min today i did 4.6km.. Very nice improvement!

Snatches back to basics.. Nice to know that I can maintain 16rpm for 10min..even if it is with the 12s..if i can do this with the 14s then the 16s i will be very happy!!

On the downside i woke up with a sore wisdom tooth yesterday and the pain hasn’t I am seeing a dentist today and hoping they can pull it out asap.. I don’t deal with pain very well :p

Comp day! IKSFA Championship Sydney

Jerk 16kg 10min 138 reps
R: 16/16/12/9/10 (total right 63)
L: 14/17/16/13/15 (total left 74)
here is the video

Snatch 16kg 9.23min 122 reps
L: 17/17/16/11 (switched just after 4min total left 61)
R: 13/12/13/12/9/2 (went 5.5min total right 61)
here is the video

Another comp done.I made sure to eat breakfast this time round..and tried to pace myself a bit better. But my results were still very disapointing. 2 months ago i was aiming to progress, yesterday i was aiming to at least match my previous comp wasn’t a good day results wise as i regressed in both lifts 😦 my jerk went down 2.8% and my snatch went down 25% ..i find that incredible.

So a few observations:

* i started my jerk with my right hand this time because i know its my weak arm and i was hoping that starting fresh on it would make a difference. It didn’t. My right is still my weak arm regardless of whether i start with it or not. It lags about 10-12 reps behind my left.
So i did 63 with my right and 74 with my left. Last comp i started with my left (strong arm) and did 79 reps then did 66 reps with my right.
I really need to address this. If i can get my right arm up to par with my left that would mean being closer to my goal of 168 jerks total.

* in snatch my left arm goes for less time than my right. I have noticed that both in this comp and my last comp i switch early in the 4th minute from left arm to right.

* snatch reps are pretty even on both arms. I did 61 each arm this time round.

* overall i did 20 reps less each arm this time round compared to the last comp in september. Looking at my pace i was 4rpm slower yesterday than 2.5 months ago.

So comparing my last two training cycles i can see that i did a lot of longer sets with the 16kg in cycle 2:
Cycle 2 Jerks: 8 x 8min/ 3 x 10min
Cycle 3 jerks: 4 x 8min / 2 x10min

Cycle 2 snatches: 7 x 8min / 8 x 10min
Cycle 3 snatches: 3x 8min / 3x 10min

In cycle 3 i worked with heavier bells and shorter sets..i am guessing that maybe that didn’t work so well for me? Maybe the gains with the cycle 3 style of training require more time..i am not sure..i am just trying to figure out what worked best for me. Maybe i did so shit yesterday because i am tired and its the end of the year and i have been training all year yadda yadda yadda…maybe.

So what’s next? Well another 16kg snatch set next saturday then a month break from GS. Then start training again in january with views of competing in March..i am not going to give up on the 16kg biathlon until i smash those numbers out of the park…so the 16kg it will be again. Maybe that saying about third time lucky is true…

Comp Week Day 3

Jerk 16kg @20rpm 1’/1′ x2
Hr: 167/172
Snatch 16kg @20rpm 1’/1′ x2
Hr: 171/175
Rowing 20min 4.45km average hr 168

Hr has improved in jerks and snatches (lower hr with same volume/intensity). Means my recovery is good.

I was meant to do ‘light’ cardio but somehow that is impossible on the rower.. Finished with average hr of 168. Nice workout!

Now two days of rest then comp day!