Week 9 – Day 1

Jerk 16kg @20rpm 1’/1′ x5

Snatch 16kg @20rpm 1’/1′ x5

Glove snatch 14kg 8min set (multi switch)

Feeling a little more positive today. Managed 5 sets of both the jerks and snatches with nearly all sets hitting the 20rpm pace.
Glove snatch was a different story..managed 2 min on left then had to switch.. Basically went with switching every minute till i got to 8min .. No way i could do 4min e.s.

I am also reading  Karsten Jensen’s ‘The flexible periodization method’  book.. I think I need to structure my training a little differently next year.. Maybe going slower with progressions (time and reps).. Paying more attention to my pace and seeing whether i am actually hitting the rpm before we increase time..so that may mean 2 weeks of the same workout and only change variables once i hit the target. I would like to analyze my training this year (i have all my sessions logged)  and see what patterns appear.. Especially around incidence of injuries,  peak periods,  slumps etc.  I find it really interesting and I think that will allow me to train more intelligently. I have been training for the last 8 months pretty intensely and i don’t think I can sustain this pace and volume for another 8 months!  I am also thinking that longer deload blocks may help.. 2 weeks instead of one.. I noticed that i went 6 weeks with no deload this cycle.. That killed me.  Anyway lots of stuff to take into account next year! 


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