Week 3 – Day 3

Jerk 14kg @16rpm 4min set
Jerk 16kg @16rpm 4min set
Jerk 12kg @16rpm 8min set

Deadlifts 70kg 3×8
Pushups 3×15

Heavy swings 24kg 70L/70R
Ab wheel 5/5/5
Handstand 40sec

Jerk sets all hit time and rpm targets. I am still getting the thumb/lower palm fatigue about half way into the set. Today I tried bumping the kb a bit bwfore send off and then I tried fixating with my hand open instead of gripping the bell..it did help with the discomfort.  I remember being surprised at  Sergey Rachinsky’s massive callous on his lower thumb/palm.. Maybe it’s a case of getting used to it.. It certainly ain’t a sexy look though…

Bumping deads up to 75kg next week..Nice nice! 


1 thought on “Week 3 – Day 3

  1. Thierry Sanchez

    good job Deb!
    Maybe try the same type of hand insertion/ position as in the zombie lockout for snatch 🙂
    some of the calluses are horrid, hopefully it won’t get to that level!


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