Monthly Archives: February 2014

Week 9 – Day 3

Jerk 14kg @18rpm 10min set
180 reps

Snatch 14kg @18rpm 10min set
180 reps

Gs squats 40kg 100
Swings 20kg 40/40

Puuuuuuuaaaajjjjj that was nasty.  I didn’t eat or drink nearly enough yesterday.. Stayed up late and had alcohol on an empty stomach.. Needless to say i was struggling today.. Out of breath and just that nasty nauseas feeling and the voice in my head telling me to quit,  quit now!
But you gotta do the work. Here’s hoping for a good strong week coming up!
Update : i have been in bed all morning with a splitting headache and my whole body aches. Both my sister and work colleague had a virus this week… May explain things..



Well I know I may be jumping the gun here and i should really wait till comp day for the true measure of success but I just can’t help myself 🙂

In the last 2 months of training i have improved the following :

10min jerk 16kg – – – > 23% improvement
(from 138 reps to 170)

8min snatch 16kg – – – > 24% improvement (from 116 reps to 144)
I haven’t been able to do a 10min snatch set yet but I am hoping i can smash my current 164 pb.

Here’s hoping i don’t fuck things up in comp.. 🙂

Week 9 – Day 2

Jerk 16kg @variable 10min set

Snatch 16kg @19rpm 10min multi switch set

Glove snatch 12kg 12min set 1 hand change

The variable rpm jerk today was really good mentally.  I found that going all out then having a minute at a slower pace let me calm down and recover before going all out again.  I did 170 reps total in 10min so that is a new pb!
The fast snatch was a bit hard.. Didn’t quite manage 20rpm for the whole 10min..averaged out at 19rpm.
The glove snatch was really good too as i focused on relaxing.  So in every rep i just tried to figure out at what points to relax my body so as to exert as little unnecessary force as possible.. Just letting the kettlebell do all the work and stepping i  when I needed to pull a bit.
Overall a really good session!

Lifting day

Box squats
57.5kg x6
60kg x6
62.5kg x3

Lat pulldown 45kg 3×6

Trap deadlifts
52.5kg x6
57.5kg x6
62.5kg x6
72.5kg x3

Pushups 3×10
Rowing 10min 2.38km

Pretty happy with my box squat progession. Also tried trap bar deadlifts today and found that I can maintain quite good form at 72.5kg.. Might stick with these for a while before I go back to conventional bar deads.

Week 9 – Day 1

Jerk 16kg @20rpm 2min x5
Snatch 14kg @18rpm 10min set

GS squats 40kg 50/50
Swings 20kg 80L/80R

Bar hang/handstand 40sec
Ab wheel 10/10/10

Hands were much better today.  Glad it’s a mini deload week.. Will try to keep the volume low and not over so it! I am hoping to have a lifting coaching session this weekend to iron out my deadlift.
3 weeks till  comp…. Eeeeiiiiikk nerves are coming and going..

Week 8 – Day 4

Rowing 10min 2.42km
Rowing intervals 10min 2.42km

Snatch 16kg @18rpm 7.5min set
Snatch 16kg @18rpm 2.5min set

Glove snatch 16kg 12min multi switch

We that blister that didn’t turn ugly yesterday did so today 😦 had to cut short my snatch to re-wrap..cardio and grip fatigue was ok so just those pesky blisters 😦


Week 8 – Day 3

Jerk 16kg @20rpm 2min sets x6
Jerk 14kg @18rpm 9min set

Deadlifts 70kg 3×8
Pushups 3×15
GS squats 40kg 45/50
Swings 24kg 75L/50R

Bar hang 40sec
Handstand 40sec
Ab wheel 20

Jerk intervals were good.. First few sets i was a bit tense but managed to relax for the last 3.. I could have gone at 22rpm.
I dropped the weight on my deadlift to see if I could improve my form.. Still not perfect.  My partner wants to get some oly lifting coaching so i am hoping to tap into that and get some help with my deadlift technique too.
Tried on a pair of old work pants last night..they were tight around the waist and booty 😦 Thinking maybe i should clean my wardrobe out.. Getting stong and getting skinny are two opposing goals.. And i am struggling a bit with that. I am smashing all my pbs every week so there is no doubt i am improving.. But yeah… Can’t have everything.