Week 7 – Day 3

Jerk intervals 16kg @18rpm 2 min sets x6

Jerk 14kg @18rpm 8 min set

Deadlift 77.5kg 3×8 here is the video 

Pushups 3×15

GS squats 40kg 35/35/30

Swings 24kg 60L/55R

Plank 1min / bar hang/hand stand


Jerks were good..pace was good and added an extra 2 minute set to the intervals. Hands were tender when i got to the heavy swings so didn’t do as many as i would have liked.

I tried my deadlifts with a bit of a platform..form was better but i am still rounding my back 😦 It’s not a massive rounding but it isn’t good technique either..need to keep working on it. The bro’s at the gym came over and told me that i shouldn’t be lifting that much weight for that many reps…..




6 thoughts on “Week 7 – Day 3

  1. DK

    Looking Stronger Deb! That’s almost exactly what my traditional deadlift looked like. I’ve been slowly fixing it by getting into the pull position and finding a straight back, just barely pulling the bar and that’s one rep. ie don’t lift the bar really at all, I do that 5×5 etc.. It’s trained me to feel the right back position. Then I do 3×3 of 60KG which is under half my 1RM. I also do daily straight leg deadlifts with a 20kg bell or thereabouts, focus on the glutes and the bell doesn’t have to touch the floor, drop until your back is just about to bend and that’s a rep. Deadlifts are tough to get right for some of us!

    1. aussiekb Post author

      Wow really good tips Doug! Appreciate it! Will start to work on those pull position reps.. That is definitely where my problem is! I love deadlifts so I am very keen to get them right!

  2. Thierry Sanchez

    Deb, is your back OK?
    Hinge at the hips! I remember I have told you off in the beginning for having a round back on the initial swing off the floor. Could be hip flexor tightness involved… Try to get some good help please.
    3 ideas,
    the first RDL https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XowKMitOVNc.
    You’ll probably find that bar just under the knees is about right for you for now, Basically need to stop going low. It’s not just the back that is rounding but the hips tucking under as well.
    the second, higher blocks and reset every rep. return the bar to the floor, stand up, set up and go again.
    3: trap bar or 2 heavy KB is more forgiving since the knees can travel a bit more

    on another topic, have you got an 18kg bell at the gym?

    1. aussiekb Post author

      Thanks coach. Yes my back is fine.. Feels strong and good but you are right about my hip flexors. Last time I went to the ART specialist he said i took the prize for tightest hip flexors of the year 😦 will get back into proper mobility for them. I might give trap bar deadlifts a go. I really love deadlifts so i would hate to have to stop doing them.. But agree i need to fix this problem before I do my back!


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