Lifting day

Box squats
57.5kg x6
60kg x6
62.5kg x3

Lat pulldown 45kg 3×6

Trap deadlifts
52.5kg x6
57.5kg x6
62.5kg x6
72.5kg x3

Pushups 3×10
Rowing 10min 2.38km

Pretty happy with my box squat progession. Also tried trap bar deadlifts today and found that I can maintain quite good form at 72.5kg.. Might stick with these for a while before I go back to conventional bar deads.


6 thoughts on “Lifting day

    1. aussiekb Post author

      My form with the regular bar was a bit off when i go above 70kg so the trap bar helps me maintain my starting form and puts less pressure on my lower back. I can also start to get a better feel for how the right position feels and hopefully lock tjat in to muscle memory and carry it over to the conventional deadlift..

  1. Thierry Sanchez

    unless you plan to compete in powerlifting, trap bar might be the best option long term because it is more “low back friendly” due to leverages. Your lower back gets hammered through swings. Don’t get caught up in the “sexy” side of an exercise, use what’s relevant for you 🙂


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