Week 10 – Day 1

Jerk 16kg @20rpm 2min set (40reps)
Jerk 16kg @20rpm 4min set (80reps)
Jerk 16kg @20rpm 6min set (110reps)

Snatch 16kg @16rpm 10min set (160reps)

Black snatch w gloves 12kg 10min set

GS squats 40kg 50 /50
Swings 20kg 60/60

I knew this was going to be a tough session and i was right.  A 6min jerk @20rpm after the previous two sets at that same pace was impossible. I actually got quite frustrated because it was the first time I didn’t hit my numbers in a long time. From my point of view it was an unrealistic target.
The rezt of the sessio  went well.. Hands are looking good and no tape used today so that is positive 🙂


2 thoughts on “Week 10 – Day 1

  1. Thierry Sanchez

    Deb, the numbers are almost irrelevant, you fought to the end on a really hard session, and you got 10reps short from target. on the 3rd set. this should actually give you confidence that 180+ jerks are within your reach 🙂 and to top it up within a short rest, you did 160 snatches….After day2 it’s mainly short sets with good rest intervals!

    1. aussiekb Post author

      Good point Coach.. I did feel pleased that I got to the end. I will keep repeating what you said to myself for the next 2 weeks.. 180 jerks are within reach!


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