IKSFA Australian Championship 2014 – Results and Reflections

Woooo..i am getting old! I woke up today feeling like i lifted 10million kilos yesterday..not sure if anyone has weighed nerves before but i am betting they weigh a ton!

So how did it go? Very well! I had a bit of a shaky start to the day ..forgetting my keys at home and driving back and forth and arriving at the weigh in half an hour late..i really really thought i was going to miss it and wouldnt be able to compete but luckily i made it…just with added stress and nerves!

To be totally honest i had set quite high expectations for myself..i guess i was over confident based on the results i had achieved in training so in the back of my mind i was secretly wishing i would get 180 reps in both jerk and snatch..i was far from that but that was another lesson learnt..not to aim too high:)

What were the results? Well the best ever in comp for me..so i cannot complain! my jerk set was good..my game plan was to try to hit 20-16-20-16-20 reps each arm ..i hit that in the first 2 min but then went downhill quite fast..so not sure if that is a good strategy for me. I really need to work on starting slower and maintaing a constant pace with my jerks. I also noticed that i used my arms more so than my legs which is why they probably got fried and my pace went downhill in the last 2 min each side..my bump could have been more explosive.

So reps for jerk were L: 22/16/17/13/13 R: 19/16/15/10/10 and here is the video for the jerk set Jerk set

The snatch set was a bit more evenly paced. I didn’t really have a target per min pace..i was just hoping i could reach 180. Overall i felt really relaxed, looking at the video i can see that i lockout one leg in the backswing but keep the other bent..maybe something to work on..i also got feedback about the kettlebell flicking up during the backswing..i know i have had that issue for a while so again something to work on.

In term of reps for snatch i got L: 17/17/17/16/15 R: 17/17/16/15/17 and here is the video Snatch set

Comparing the last 2 cycles there are big differences in the training approach..i can clearly see that the volume for this cycle has been close to 80% more than the last and funnily enough i felt much better and refreshed and ready this time around. Maybe it was due to the 6 week break i took over december and the xmas period..or the extra strength work in this cycle..or the extra carbs i have been eating..or a combination of all that. Whatever it was it worked!

Cycle 2 Oct/nov 2013 Cycle 3 jan/feb 2014
Total volume 103620kg 175770kg
Jerk sets 6minx2, 8minx4, 10minx2 6minx8, 8minx11, 10minx6
Snatch sets 6minx2, 8minx4, 10minx1 6minx1, 8minx4, 10minx10
Comp results 138Jerks, 122Snatches 151Jerks, 164Snatches

So all up a very successful cycle and when i take a step back i can see that i have progressed..it’s my best comp result since i started competing with the 16kg so for that i am happy!

What next? Well i will take another 6 week break now And focus on strength training..i am going overseas in 3 weeks so wont have access to kettlebells. I plan to get back into GS training first week of May and start training for 20kg biathlon..i am not sure how long it will take me to get to the point where i can compete for 10 minutes but i dont want to get back on the platform until i can do 10 minutes with the 20kg….so it may be a while!

Chau xx


2 thoughts on “IKSFA Australian Championship 2014 – Results and Reflections

  1. Thierry Sanchez

    I’ll check the videos tomorrow 🙂
    The alternating pace method is fine for training, but I would not try it for competition. I did say to start slow!!! It’s good learning experience though… I still get nervous when I stand on the platform.


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