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Week 6/12 – Day 4

Back squats 20kgx5, 30kgx5, 35kgx5, 40kgx5, 42.5kgx3, 40kgx13

Snatch @18kg x1min e.s @12rpm, 
Snatch @18kg x1min30 e.s @14rpm, 
Snatch @18kg x2min30 e.s @16rpm, 
Snatch @18kg x1min e.s @ 20rpm
Chest supported rows 12.5kg x9*3 sets

2H swing intervals 10 rounds @28kg + @24kg 


Laid off the deadlifts today so did ATG back squats instead..was going to go for the easier and heavier box squats but decided to do proper low back squats which i haven’t done in a long time – pretty happy to get to 42.5kg..back squats are my weakest lift and i haven’t gone ATG with 42.5 in a long time so i’ll take it! 

18kg snatches all good..hit the pace in all sets.

2H swings were a killer again to 10 sets but it was sweaty ! 

Hill sprints 😉 


Week 6/12 – Day 3

Jerk @2x14kg x7+9 see video here 

Jerk @16kg x3min e.s @16 rpm
Jerk @18kg x3min e.s @14 rpm
Jerk @14kg x4min e.s @16rpm
 Front squat 20kg*5, 30kg*3, 37.5kg 3×7, 40kgx3, 40kgx1

Push ups 25

Jump rope x7min


My god it’s amazing what a good night’s sleep can do ! I got a new mattress topper last night and after weeks and weeks of waking with an aching back i woke up feeling good ! I even woke up a few times during the night and thought to myself ‘wow my back doesn’t ache yet’ ! 

My lower back muscles were complaining yesterday and i think it was due to a combination of doms from the deadlifts and the bad mattress. I think i will do deadlifts again tomorrow to test this theory.

I tried pushing my hips further back with my double jerks..i think they look a bit better than last week. I did feel my back a little when doing jerks with my left arm..i am thinking i will try my belt again and see if this helps supporting my back..i need to break it in so i may as well use it and do just that! 

Front squats good..pushed the last set to 40kg..that was impossible 4 weeks ago so i am very happy with that! 

Week 6/12 – Day 2

Snatch @16kg x 10min test @16rpm



Snatch @18kg 3min (sw every 30 sec) @14rpm

Trap bar Deadlift – warm up 40kg x5, 60kg x3, 70kg x3, 75kg x1, 80kg x1, 85kg x1

Trap Bar deadlift  4 sets 90kgx3, 1 set 87.5kgx3

Lat pull 45kg 6*3 sets

Swing intervals x10 rounds.  (8@28kg, 12@24kg, 16@24kg)


Snatch test day! Felt very relaxed and maintained an even pace throughout – tried to speed it up a little at the end. Still had gas in the tank after a few minute rest so i did a 3 minute interval set with the 18kg.

Trap bar deadlifts were good too..managed 4 sets at 90kg then went down to 87.5kg for the last set of 3

Swings were heavy and sweaty today ! Glad tomorrow is rest day ! 



Week 6/12 – Day 1

Jerk @2x14kg 6reps, 8 reps 

  • Jerk @16kg x3min e.s @16 rpm
  • Jerk @18kg x3min e.s @14 rpm
  • Jerk @14kg x4min e.s @16rpm

Front squat @37.5kg 3*7 sets

Bench press @37.5×1, 35kg x8, 32.5kg x4 

Jump rope x7min


Tried pushing the hips further back in the double jerk but not sure i got it..will film it next time so i can see. 

6min jerk sets were ok, hit all rpms..legs were feeling the fatigue ! 

Front squats up to 37.5kg..very nice progress ! Bench press going down..i think i will lower it even more next week to 32.5kg for all sets..could hardly get 3 or 4 reps at 35kg..

Week 5/12 – Day 4

Trap bar deadlift 52.5kgx3, 62.5kg x3, 67.5kg x3, 72.5kg x3, 77.5kg x3, 82.5kg x3, 87.5kg x3, 87.5kg x3, 90kg x3

  • Snatch @18kg x2min e.s @14rpm,
  • Snatch @16kg x 4min e.s @16rpm

Chest supp rows @12.5kg 9*3 sets

Swing intervals @24kg x8,12,16 x10 rounds


Nice way to finish the week with a pb of 90kg trap bar deadlift for 3 reps. I think my (secret) goal of getting to 100kg deadlift is not too far away 🙂 

Snatches are feeling much better..felt much more relaxed today! 

Swing intervals were also good..had gas left in the tank for a few more rounds but stopped at 10 🙂 

Hill sprints in the park tomorrow ! 


Week 5/12 – Day 3

Jerk @2x14kg x5 reps, 1min rest, x7 reps – Here is the video

  • Jerk @16kg x2min30 e.s @16 rpm
  • Jerk @18kg x2min30 e.s @14 rpm
  • Jerk @14kg x4min e.s @16rpm

Front squat @35kg 3×8 sets

Push ups x1 set max reps

Jump rope x6min


I got a video of the double bump needs to be a bit more powerful, i think it got a bit better as the reps increased.

Boy the 18kg jerk set was a bit of a killer today..i was huffing and puffing by the end! Front squats are coming along nicely, i will increase to 37.5kg next week ! 


Week 5/12 – Day 2

Trapbar deadlift 42.5kgx3, 52.5kgx3, 62.5kgx3, 72.5kgx3, 82.5kgx3, 85kgx3, 85kgx3, 85kgx3

  • Snatch @16kg x 3min e.s @16rpm
  • Snatch @16kg x 4min e.s @16rpm

 Lat pull @45kg 6*3 sets

Swing intervals @24kg x8,12,16 x10 rounds


I was a bit hesitant going into today’s session due to my back feeling a bit ‘funky’ all weekend but it felt fine..i slowed down with the deadlifts and did a progression instead of straight sets at 85kg (which i did last week and it was way too much) – felt good! 

Snatches are still a bit wobbly..i need to calm down and relax and breath ..i feel a bit tense and rushing through the sets..i am hitting the pace for the whole set but i need to chill a bit more! 

Swing intervals also felt complaints from my back..doing the one hand, hand to hand then two hands slows things down a bit so i have less rest..still get to the end puffed and sweaty !