New Cycle – Week 3/12 – Day 1

  • Jerk @16kg x1min e.s @16 rpm
  • Jerk @18kg x1min e.s @14 rpm
  • Jerk @14kg x3min e.s @16rpm

Front squat @30kg 6×4 sets 

Bench press @30kg 9 reps; @35kg 6×2 sets

Hindu squats x1 set

Jump rope x5min 

Kettlebell complex – 1min each arm: 24kg swing, 20kg clean, 16kg jerk, 16kg snatch


So Monday morning and back to work it is ! Everything felt good was nice to get back into jerk sets. the 18kg bell felt good..the 16kg better and the 14kg too light 😉 

My front squat form has improved..i think my barbell snatches and cleans etc have something to do with this. I have been doing quite a bit of Oly lifting training the last few weeks so maybe that’s it.

Cardio wise i feel great, endurance is good, grip is good..overall i can’t complain. let’s hope this is a sign of a very good cycle! 


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