Week 3/12 – Day 2

Trap bar deadlift @80kg 3×8 sets 

Snatch @18kg x2min @16rpm, switch 30sec

Snatch @16kg x 2min e.s @16rpm

Snatch @16kg x 2min e.s @16rpm

Snatch @16kg x 2min e.s @16rpm

Lat pull @40kg x9*3 sets

2 arm swing intervals @24kg 8 rounds.



I tried 3 sets of deadlifts with the barbell and 3 sets with the trap bar..my form was better with the trap bar so i will stick to that! 80kg was good..will increase a bit next time.

I am finding that my hand is still adjusting to the drop in my snatches..the handle is sometimes on my fingers, or in my palm, sometimes gorilla grip or hook grip..i guess it will take me a few sessions to find the most comfortable position again. overall snatches felt good..no forearm fatigue..fixating the 18kg bell was a bit wobbly at first..again just a bit of practice till i get used to it.

The 2 hand swing intervals with the 24kg bell  were great! I haven’t done those type of swings in a long time and forgot how intense they were! I am looking forward to getting to 2 hand swings with the 32kg bell for time intervals ! Fun times 🙂 


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