Week 3/12 – Day 4

Trap bar deadlift @82.5kg 3×8 sets 

Snatch @18kg x2min @16rpm, switch 30sec See video here 

Snatch @16kg x 2min30 e.s @16rpm See video here 

Snatch @16kg x 2min30 e.s @16rpm

Snatch @16kg x 2min30 e.s @16rpm

Chest supported rows x6-9*3 sets

2 arm swing intervals @24kg x10 rounds


Trap bar deadlifts feeling and looking really good..can go up to 85kg next week 🙂 Snatch also feeling better..starting to relax a bit more..i don’t do the lifting of the heels on the drop anymore..i think it works better for me..we’ll see. 

Still loving those 2 arm swing intervals..def works up a sweat ! 

Weekend session tomorrow..going to work on my oly lifts..some bb snatches and clean and jerks and a bit of rowing 🙂 


2 thoughts on “Week 3/12 – Day 4

  1. Thierry Sanchez

    I think a couple of weeks and it’ll feel more natural again. Yes this drop looks smoother. Watch your left arm, it’s a bit jerky and the bell wants to rotate the shoulder. See if you can make the KB flip over instead of around the wrist and how you like it.

    1. aussiekb Post author

      Hmmm ok i will keep working on that kb flip.. It’s much better than a year ago though 🙂 And my left is definitely my weaker arm!


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