Week 4/12 – Day 1

  •  Jerk @16kg x2min e.s @16 rpm, 
  • Jerk @18kg x2min e.s @14 rpm, 
  • Jerk @14kg x4min e.s @16rpm

Front squat @32.5kg 3×8 sets

Bench press @35kg x6x3 sets

Hindu squats x1 set

Jump rope 5min


I am not sure what is up with Mondays but i seem to miss read my program every time ! i did all jerk sets at 16rpm..the 18kg was tough but i got through it. Front squats getting better..less butt wink 🙂 Tried bench press at 37.5 but could only manage 2 reps so went back down to 35kg..will stick to that until i can do 9 reps then i’ll move up to 37.5kg.



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