Week 4/12 – Day 4

Deadlift 85kg 3×8 sets 

  • Snatch @18kg x5min @14rpm, switch 30sec
  • Snatch @16kg x 4min e.s @16rpm

DB chest supported rows 10kg  x9*3 sets

2 arm swing intervals @24kg  x10 rounds


Felt a small twitch in my lower back during my first deadlift (i let the weight drop a bit too fast and i wasn’t really concentrating and keeping things tight)..nothing serious..just felt like a loose bone in there somewhere..i got through all the other reps ok..just made sure i did’t get lazy and messy with my form.

I did 5min intervals with the 18kg snatch..i could have gone for 6min but left a bit in the tank. 



5 thoughts on “Week 4/12 – Day 4

    1. aussiekb Post author

      Yes i have been but this was my stupidity.. I didn’t warm up well enough and went into tbe 80kg quite old.. 3 warm up reps @60kg is not enough 😦

  1. Thierry Sanchez

    I see 🙂
    Please watch out!
    20kg x8-10, 40kg x3, 50kg x3, 60kg x3, 70kg x1, 80kg x1.
    and remember 3*8 is the end progression! Do not rush the process, do not grind sets of 3 when you can do fast doubles and/ or singles. Just hit at least 15 reps, and go for 20-25 when everything feels easy.

    1. aussiekb Post author

      Ohhhhh..ok.. Well that is a different story then! I will be more careful! It felt a bit ‘loose’ this morning but once i was warmed up it felt ok and more stable. Doesn’t hurt when I walk or sit.. Just feels like i need a good crack or chiro adjustment!


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