Week 5/12 – Day 2

Trapbar deadlift 42.5kgx3, 52.5kgx3, 62.5kgx3, 72.5kgx3, 82.5kgx3, 85kgx3, 85kgx3, 85kgx3

  • Snatch @16kg x 3min e.s @16rpm
  • Snatch @16kg x 4min e.s @16rpm

 Lat pull @45kg 6*3 sets

Swing intervals @24kg x8,12,16 x10 rounds


I was a bit hesitant going into today’s session due to my back feeling a bit ‘funky’ all weekend but it felt fine..i slowed down with the deadlifts and did a progression instead of straight sets at 85kg (which i did last week and it was way too much) – felt good! 

Snatches are still a bit wobbly..i need to calm down and relax and breath ..i feel a bit tense and rushing through the sets..i am hitting the pace for the whole set but i need to chill a bit more! 

Swing intervals also felt good..no complaints from my back..doing the one hand, hand to hand then two hands slows things down a bit so i have less rest..still get to the end puffed and sweaty ! 


2 thoughts on “Week 5/12 – Day 2

  1. DK

    relaxation! it’s so hard sometimes then other days it’s the last thing to worry about. I wish I could work out the formula. I’ve had a huge array of dramas with my back over the past couple of months, I eventually worked out it was my tight hamstrings due to a change in my backswing etc. Now I stretch pretty much everything in the leg and hip region on off days and after training only. It’s helped a great deal. Nothing worse than the sensation of weakness in your back/core. I hope yours is something so trivial.

    1. aussiekb Post author

      Yes i really need to get more consistent with my stretching.. I have a history of lower back pain and it almost always strikes when i start going heavy with my deadlifts 😦 i have very very tight hip flexors according to my chiro (he said i get the prize for tightest ones he has ever seen!) so I should be paying more attention! Glad you discovered what was causing your pain! Sounds like training with Sergey is going well though! Good results at the IKFF comp this month!


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