Week 5/12 – Day 3

Jerk @2x14kg x5 reps, 1min rest, x7 reps – Here is the video

  • Jerk @16kg x2min30 e.s @16 rpm
  • Jerk @18kg x2min30 e.s @14 rpm
  • Jerk @14kg x4min e.s @16rpm

Front squat @35kg 3×8 sets

Push ups x1 set max reps

Jump rope x6min


I got a video of the double jerk..my bump needs to be a bit more powerful, i think it got a bit better as the reps increased.

Boy the 18kg jerk set was a bit of a killer today..i was huffing and puffing by the end! Front squats are coming along nicely, i will increase to 37.5kg next week ! 



2 thoughts on “Week 5/12 – Day 3

  1. Thierry Sanchez

    Looking good Deb!
    You can try to push your hips a little further back in the 2nd dip, so that the trunk is a bit more inclined forward, but only if it feels Ok for your back and balance.
    Hehe, just 2kg extra makes such a difference, but do not worry it’s going to come along.


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