Week 7/12 – Day 4

  • Snatch @18kg x1min e.s @12rpm
  • Snatch @18kg x1min30 e.s @14rpm,
  • Snatch @18kg x3min30 e.s @16rpm,
  • Snatch @18kg x1min e.s @20rpm

DB Chest supported rows 15kg x6*3 sets

Swing intervals x10 rounds  @28kg and @24kg


A bit of as deload week..lifted a total of 14224 kg compared to 17232 last week. Snatches were ok ..I was gripping the kb a bit too hard in the palm of my hand in the 7 min set so i have a small blood blister forming..apart from that hit all the rpms well.

It’s been raining for the past 3 days here in Sydney so depending what the weather is like tomorrow i might go for a run or a swim at my local indoor pool. Monday is a public holiday so i am looking around at where i can train..really really need to sort out my home gym soon..bumpers, barbells, platform and squat rack 🙂


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