Week 9/12 – day 4

Half snatch @18kg x6min e.s @14rpm

1swing 1snatch @16kg @11 rpm x5min e.s

Chest supported rows 15kg db x9*3 sets

Swing intervals 28kg, 24kg x12 rounds.


Well i asked for more volume this week and i certainly got it ! Lifted a total of 21340kg compared to 14136kg last week..that’s a nice 50% increase right there! I can feel my legs today..heavy and a bit of doms but overall not bad at all. I’ll make sure i eat and rest well over the weekend ready for next week!

Today’s sets were good..i had never done half snatches before..they are kind of like a merge between a snatch and a clean..that added stop in rack position on the way down helps with rest and got me to the 12min mark ok.

I could have gone a few more rounds on the swing intervals but i stopped at 12 as i wanted to  leave a bit of gas in the tank..i have my run tomorrow which i am enjoying so i don’t want to overdo it today!

just finished a 10km run.. What a cracker of a week! 3 pr’s.. i am more than chuffed 🙂




2 thoughts on “Week 9/12 – day 4

  1. Thierry Sanchez

    haha, you’re a masochist!
    Nobody said you should push all the sets to the max 🙂 But it’s good to know you have such capacity. And you keep doing more than 10 rounds of swings each time, so…


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