Week 10/12 – Day 3

Jerk @2x16kg x5, x3 sets here is the first set

  • Jerk @18kg x3min e.s @14 rpm,
  • Jerk @20kg x3min e.s @12 rpm,
  • Jerk @16kg x4min e.s @16rpm

Glove snatch @14kg 4min e.s (63/75 reps)

Front squat warm up to 42.5kg; 42.5kgx3 6 sets

Circuit x4 rounds


Woooohooooooooooooooooooooooo yes that is a WOOOOOOOHOOOOOO 🙂 Another pb !

I started the week thinking things were getting a bit tough but i think that was just the winter blues setting in and having to get up at 5:30am to ride my bike to the gym and blah blah blah but today i woke up feeling good..and it wasn’t as cold and the bike ride to the gym was nice…so i thought what the heck i am am going to do what my coach originally programmed ! And i smashed it 🙂

My double jerks need a lot of work..my bump needs to be more powerful, fixation is wobbly and i am kind of muscling the kb up.. but i did the 3 sets of 5 so i guess slowly slowly improvements will come! No belt felt fine..i didn’t feel like mucking around with it today..maybe next time.

18kg and 20kg jerks felt good ! I rushed the sets a bit but that just gave me the last 10 seconds of every minute to rest in the rack position for a bit..overall i felt good..hit all the rpm and another PB in the bag with 20kg jerks..6 minutes @12 rpm 🙂

Front squats also felt good..i was aiming to do 6 rounds of the circuit at the end but i was running a bit short on time so i did 4..

Overall very happy with today’s session !


4 thoughts on “Week 10/12 – Day 3

  1. Thierry Sanchez

    🙂 Nice work!
    Give it time with doubles, it’s like everything else, it’ll come. The bump needs to be more aggressive so that when you’re on your toes, the elbows are shoulder level. Right now elbows are too low and it affects your timing and getting under the bells. We’re going to stick to sets of 3reps for a while until you get more explosive.

      1. Thierry Sanchez

        yes, that could be a good idea. a few reps for technique. Remember, forearms as parallel and close as possible and perpendicular to the ground as they bump.And elbows to shoulder height.

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