Week 11/12 – Day 2

Half Snatch @20kg x1min e.s @14rpm

  • Snatch @18kg x1min30 e.s @16rpm
  • Snatch @18kg x3min e.s @18rpm
  • Snatch @18kg x1min e.s @ 20rpm

1 arm swing @24kg x1 set e.s (110/110)

Lat pull 50kg x6*3 sets

Rowing Intervals 20min 4.55km


Hit all my prescribed rpms..i took an extra minute rest between sets though as i am feeling the fatigue today..more mental than anything..i find that i have to keep up the positive talk and tell myself to keep going or else the voice that says ‘awww you’ve done good enough today..you can cut this short’ creeps in!

I should be ok with the rest of the week’s program but a little deload next week will be welcome 🙂


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