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Week 3 – Day 4

TGU @14kg x1 e.s x3
路Snatch @20kg x1min e.s @10rpm
路Snatch @20kg x1min30 e.s @12rpm
路Snatch @20kg x3min e.s @14rpm
路Snatch @20kg x1min e.s @16rpm

1 arm row 25kg db x8e.s *3 sets
2 arm swing @32kg x10*12 every 35sec

Got a minor tear in my palm today so i had to to tape it up in one of my rest just added a minute of rest. Was able to snatch ok so hit all rpms as prescribed!

Had a very busy week at work and the total volume lifted this week has been my highest ever (24314kg) so no swimming tomorrow..just relaxing over the weekend and back to it on Monday 馃檪


Week 3 – Day 3

Jerk @20kg x30sec e.s @18rpm, 1min30 rest x15 sets

Box Back squat x24 reps 65kg

Circuit x3 rounds

1swing 1snatch @16kg x5min e.s

The jerk intervals went quite well ..i had a 1 min rest for the first 8 sets or so then went to the 1.5min rest..managed 15 sets.
Fried forearms after the black snatch set !
I had a banana before leaving home..seemed to have worked well i think.

Week 3 – Day 2

TGU @14kg x1 e.s x3
路 Snatch @20kg x1min e.s @10rpm
路 Snatch @20kg x1min30 e.s @12rpm
路 Snatch @20kg x3min e.s @14rpm
路 Snatch @20kg x1min e.s @16rpm

1 arm swing @28kg 50/50
Cardio x20min – bike sprints

I controlled my pace a bit better today..still going a little too fast but i spent more time overhead. Overall a good session..20kg snatch PR 馃檪

Wild Beasts last night..what a great band 馃檪

Week 3 – Day 1

Jerk @2*16kg x5, x5sets

  • Jerk @18kg x2min30 e.s @16 rpm, target 80 reps achieved 80 reps
  • Jerk @20kg x2min30 e.s @14 rpm, target 70 reps achieved 65 reps
  • Jerk @16kg x8min, switch every 30 sec @18rpm target 144 reps achieved 144 reps

circuit x3 rounds

Glove snatch聽@14kg聽x12min 205 reps (3.5 min e.s then switch every min)


Another typical Monday..i forgot my wrist guards at home so i had to cycle back to get them..which added 30 minutes to my warm up 馃槢聽

I paced myself a bit too slow on the 20kg jerks and came short a few reps on the left compared to last week. The jerk intervals were good and i was able to maintain the pace for the whole 8 minutes.

Week 2 – Day 4

TGU @14kg x1 e.s x3

  • Snatch @20kg x1min e.s @10rpm, rest 1min
  • Snatch @20kg x1min30 e.s @12rpm, rest 1min
  • Snatch @20kg x2min30 e.s @14rpm, rest 1min
  • Snatch @20kg x1min e.s @16rpm

1 arm row 25kg x6e.s *3 sets

2 arm swing @32kg x10*12 every 40sec


All good today. I am still a bit too fast with the snatches so have to work on controlling my pace. Overall a good week..hard but good!

P.S i just got my harness in the my sled dragging adventures are close 馃槈 Will see if i can get hold of an old tire this weekend 馃檪

Week 2 – Day 3

  • Jerk @18kg x2min30 e.s @16 rpm – Target: 80 reps Achieved: 80 reps
  • Jerk @20kg x2min30 e.s @14 rpm – Target: 70聽reps Achieved: 68 reps聽
  • Jerk @16kg x4min e.s @18rpm –聽Target: 144聽reps Achieved: 122 reps

Box Back squat 60kgx8, 65kgx8, 65kgx8

Circuit x3 rounds

Glove snatch @16kg x10min – switch every 10 reps – 145 reps


This is the third jerk session in a row that i miss reps – that is a warning flag. The problem begins in the second set where i miss one or two reps (but make a pr nevertheless) then the main problem comes during the last longer set – i just can’t get to the full 8 minutes. I did do better today with the right amount of rest but still not hitting what i should have. I am happy to slow down progress and repeat this week’s jerk goals until i hit them – i am not comfortable moving on and increasing time/reps until i achieve what i am supposed to. So i am more than happy to do the same program next week and see if i go any better. Another thing i could try is eating a banana or something before my session? They are getting harder and harder and maybe it’s just a bit much for a 6am session on an empty stomach?

Other than that…i guess we should look at whether it is a strength issue or an endurance issue? I am certainly tired by the time i get to my glove snatches as i can’t do more than 3 minutes on each side any more so i am now doing 10 -20 reps each side then switching for 10 minutes. I get the total volume in but not the actual timed work on e.s

The reason i am particularly interested in this whole missing reps thing is that during cycle 2 last year i was missing reps left, right and center and we just kept going full steam ahead and then the results at comp were dismal..whereas with cycle 1 this year i hit all rpms consistently in training and then did well in i do believe there is a correlation.

My next comp isn’t until the first weekend of October (if i compete in that one) so we have time so slow down or repeat weeks etc.

This is how the first two weeks are looking so far:


Week 2 – Day 2

TGU @12kg x1 e.s x3

  • Snatch @20kg x1min e.s @10rpm, rest 1min
  • Snatch @20kg x1min30 e.s @12rpm, rest 1min
  • Snatch @20kg x2min30 e.s @14rpm, rest 1min
  • Snatch @20kg x1min e.s @16rpm

1 arm swing @28kg 60/60

Cardio x20min聽


All good today..stuck to the rpm and rest. Some reps may have been a bit wobbly but getting there! First time doing a 5min snatch set with the 20kg 馃檪 聽