Week 12 – Day 4

Snatch @18kg x4min e.s @18rpm 

Chest supported rows 17.5kg x6*3 sets

Swing intervals @28kg x100 reps


Short and sharp today! I am noticing a bit of strange sensation in my left forearm (extensor muscles). I felt it a little before i started my snatch set. It’s not pain or anything like that just when i do certain movements it seems like they weaken or a little pulse runs through the muscle. I didn’t have any pain snatching today..i just noticed it on a few reps where the kettlebell didn’t quite sit right..so maybe it’s just a matter of getting that insertion right every time. I will have a look at my self myofascial release book to see what i can do to it.

Anyway..PR with the 18kg snatch and a nice end to the 12 week cycle. Might do a b it of reflection and analysis of this cycle over the weekend 🙂

Looking forward to starting a new cycle next week..new goals and new prs 🙂 



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