Week 4 – Day 1

Jerk @2*16kg x5, rest 1min x5sets

Jerk @18kg x3min e.s @16 rpm
target reps: 96 achieved: 96 – 16 reps more than last Monday and PR

Jerk @20kg x3min e.s @14 rpm
target:84 achieved: 77 – 12 reps more than last Monday and PR

Jerk @16kg x8min, sw 30 sec @18rpm
target:144 achieved: 144

circuit x2 rounds
Glove snatch @14kg x4-6min e.s – 205 reps 3/2/1 min e.s

Well looks like a good start to the week! maybe the no swimming on Saturday helps 🙂
18kg jerk felt hard towards the end and i did think to myself ‘i am not really sure i will be able to get to full 10 minutes with this on Thursday!’
20kg jerk went better than last week..left side was ok but i received the kb a bit recklessly into the rack (nearly dropped it) on the right at the 2.5 minute mark and i accidentally touched it with my other hand so i stopped the set..i could have done a few more reps but it wouldn’t really count in comp so i decided to stop the set.
16kg interval got to the end quite sweaty and out of breath!


1 thought on “Week 4 – Day 1

  1. Thierry Sanchez

    come on, your old PR is 140, so even if you do not get 160 this time, 141 is a good new PR 🙂
    remember a good breakie!
    the saturday sessions are supposed to be light help recovery so you have to find the balance and avoid exhausting yourself…


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