Week 4 – Day 3 – Massive Fail

Jerk @18kg x10min @16 rpm
Target: 160 reps Achieved: 134

Jerk @20kg 1min e.s @14rpm x4 sets

Box Back squat 55kgx8; 65kgx8; 67.5kgx6; 67.5kgx6
Circuit x2 rounds
Glove snatch 16kg 100 reps

10min jerk set with the 18kg at 16rpm was a massive fail – as i had expected. I finished 5min on the left but only managed 3.5min on the right. Although i failed time wise i did have enough energy to do 4 interval sets with the 20kg and a short glove snatch at the end.

Coming off 3 weeks of consecutive fails in my jerks it is no surprise i failed today. I won’t go into massive analysis but here are a few observations:

* I seem to be good at short fast sets
* I am not so good at long fast sets
* I have been failing all my long fast sets this cycle (with the 20kg)
* It seems to take me more than a week to adapt to the longer set and reach my targets in both reps and time

So..taking into account the above i am a bit intrigued as to why we chose to to a 10minute jerk test today? I am very curious as to the rationale behind it. On Monday i reached 6min with everything i had in the tank..so it was a bit ambitious to think today i would reach a full 10minutes. If i had done a 7min test as per the logical progression i would have been fine…my next question is following the logic of the program wouldn’t i have been ready for a 10minute test in 2 weeks time instead of today?

I like to know the rationale behind my programming and right now i am not really feeling like we are tweaking the program as a result of the outputs i am actually getting. With no set comp date locked in wouldn’t it make more sense to slow down and give each long set 2 weeks of adaptation?


10 thoughts on “Week 4 – Day 3 – Massive Fail

  1. Thierry Sanchez

    Well, the rationale was that since we do not have to peak for a comp in the near future I wanted to see how you’re respond to the fatigue overall, if the multiswitch set for set 3 would be a good option or not. and if one session of high volume with 20kg was enough to break through. You did not reach the rep goal for 20kg but it was a few reps short, nothing dramatic that should have affected the overall process.
    The main set is the one @18kg which has been good all the way.
    I think I should have got you to take a few more easy or rest days before the test, that all. Recovery was obviously insufficient.
    You also say yourself you expected to fail, that’s also not a great way to get into a set šŸ™‚
    Was the fatigue general cardio or shoulder, wrist, legs?
    So the next time if you feel tired or not secure about doing a 10min test, just email me and we do and 8min instead of and delay the process a bit. It’s tricky when I am that far away, I can’t be 100% sure you are tired or fresh on a certain day because of lifestyle or training…
    The plan was to build more volume in shorter sets for a while after this test, so there will be a change of methods next week.

    1. aussiekb Post author

      Thanks coach i appreciate the insights! you are right the multi swithch did help push through with the 20kg as i did increase reps overall but time wise i still fell short. Looks like volume is not the issue but lasting the time allocated.. That is what intrigues me.. why can’t I reach the allocated time.
      Maybe it is overall fatigue and not enough rest before a big test set.. my weekly volume has increased quite a bit compared to when I did my last 10 jerk test. That is why I was also thinking that as volume increases i need longer to adapt.
      I did go into the set with a positive mindset..and after the 5min on the left was feeling quite confident..so the failure at 3.5min in was a bit of a disappointment.
      I am keen to try other methods.. overall I am not feeling drained from the volume..

  2. Thierry Sanchez

    Just to understand correctly, was it failure on left arm or did you give up because you could not keep the tempo and thought bugger it or could you have slowed down to 6rpm for ex and finish the 5min on left?

    1. aussiekb Post author

      The fatigue was in the right arm and i was counting my reps and got to 9 and I just couldn’t lift my arm to do another so that’s when I stopped. Maybe I should have rested in rack for a while to see if I could get a few more reps in.. But at that point it just felt like I ran out of gas.

    1. aussiekb Post author

      Not quite lungs exploding as i waited like 2 or 3 minutes then went straight into the 20kg sets…it was just the bell was too heavy to keep lifting. šŸ˜¦

    1. aussiekb Post author

      Ok! the other thing I find intriguing is that with snatches i am doing fine.. not missed reps, no missed times.. It’s just with the jerks that I am struggling. So theoretically if i was overall fatigued wouldn’t i be failing my snatch sets too?

  3. Thierry Sanchez

    yes indeed, I’d be tempted to say the snatch rpm are slow but that on the other side it forces and requires good static endurance. Hard to say…
    Try to give a feedback rating (1 easy, 5 very hard) about day 4 after the long snatch set.


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