Week 7 – Day 4

Snatch @16rpm 20kg 3.5mins e.s
Reps: 112 PR

GS squats @60kg 45×2

Jerk @17rpm 18kg 4min e.s
Reps: 124 pr for this time

Glove snatch 12kg 8mins 140 reps
OA jerk 20kg 12/12

Well after a bit of an annoying week with neck, shoulder and elbow/forearm issues i finished the week with 2 prs…so i cant really complain. The volume has been a lot and my body is having some adjustment issues but its working and i am hitting bigger numbers…i cracked the 20kg 7min snatch at 16rpm..and my jerk wasn’t too bad either for 8min..
I did skip the cardio today..just wasn’t into it.

I am in two minds about next week..i am now at close to 8min jerk and 8min snatch sets..i just don’t know if i can do an 8min jerk set then an 8min snatch set every day for 5 days..i am enjoying the doing more cardio everyday and it seems to be helping..my numbers are improving..maybe with this format i can manage 2 weeks of high volume followed by one week of lower (not deload low just a bit lower) then back up to slightly more…

What is scaring me right now is the thought of injury and having to give up kbs..i know that is extreme..but yeah..this week just got me a bit paranoid 😦


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