Week 8 – Day 2

Snatch @20kg x3-4min e.s @14-16rpm
total time: 8mins Reps: 16/16/16/16 16/16/16/13 Total: 117 PR

GS squat @60kg x45 *2 sets

Jerk @18kg x3-4min e.s @16-18rpm
total time: 7min reps: 17/17/17/14 17/17/13 total: 112

Glove snatch @12kg x5min e.s @10-14rpm multiswicth total reps: 150

1 arm jerk x12e.s @22kg

Rowing Intervals – 15min 5km 🙂


Overall a good session today. I finally broke through the 7 and a bit barrier in my 20kg snatch..going for 8min and just short of 120 reps (which was my target)..got a PR nevertheless so i will take it 🙂

My jerk wasn’t as good..i think the extra minute on the snatch robbed me of an extra minute on the jerk..it was also mental..i failed one rep and then kinda lost it mentally instead of waiting in rack and resetting myself and starting again.

Got my 5km in 15 min with rows..happy 🙂


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