Week 9 – Deload/Test Week – Day 1

Jerk @18kg x3min e.s @15rpm

Snatch @20kg x3min e.s @14rpm

Cardio x20min easy pace

Jerk: rpe was a 7.5 and most of that was strength wise. My arms were tired so that tells me i wasn’t really using my legs as much as i should have. I met the rpm and i probably could have gone another minute e.s at the same pace..not sure about the whole 10 mins..

Snatch: rpe was an 8 and most of that was cardio. i finished the set huffed and puffed and sweating like a pig on a stick! I noticed my fixation on the right was a bit too aggressive as i started feeling my elbow. My right forearm was really feeling the pump when i finished.

Overall i paced too quick – with my jerks i did the 15rpm in 45 seconds then waited for 15sec in rack. With snatch i did the 14rpm in about 45 seconds then waited a bit overhead but finished the set about 15 seconds early.


2 thoughts on “Week 9 – Deload/Test Week – Day 1

  1. Thierry Sanchez

    Pace is everything, focus! and videos to check technique, come on!
    Funny that suddenly you’re feeling it in your arms but did not sound like it was not an issue those last weeks…
    This is easy tempo, so relax, smooth like slo-mo, smile 🙂


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