Week 9 – Snatch Test

Snatch 20kg @14rpm 10min

Total time: 7.5 min Reps: 14/14/14/14/1 ; 14/14/14/4

Cardio 20 min

Hmmmmm well not exactly how i envisaged the test to go. I stated off with a good pace..maybe a bit on the slow side. I got a palm blister on my left hand..i just wasn’t very focused ..i was thinking of my legs and shifting my weight then i switched to my right arm..it was feeling ok then all of sudden i nearly dropped the kb and that totally threw me off and my grip just gave out 😦
So not a good test…and not as good as last week..obviously still a lot of work to go. You have good days and bad days and i am trying not to over think this. I have 3 months till the comp in Melbourne so i’ll just keep looking forward.


2 thoughts on “Week 9 – Snatch Test

  1. DK

    A test with a poor result is excellent, it shows you what you need to work on. A test with an excellent result is useless (aside of making your mind feel happy) because it means you might stop tuning your technique and developing. This is how I try and view my test sets, it’s a work in progress! 😉

    1. aussiekb Post author

      Thanks Doug 🙂 I used to beat myself up about failing sets but I am getting more comfortable with them.. You are totally right.. It’s an incentive to improve and continue the work!


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