Week 9 – Jerk Test

Jerk 18kg @15rpm 10 min
Reps: 15/15/15/15/15 15/ 15/ 15/9 Total: 144 PR

Cardio 20min

Well i have to say this was one of the best jerk sets i have done in the last few weeks. My focus was on slowing down and starting with a relaxed easy pace..which i did very well. I didn’t quite get the 15prm for the whole 10 minutes but i did 144 reps which is a PR…and 10 reps more than my last jerk test. So very happy with that! Overall it felt good..i think if i can start getting comfortable with a slower pace then things will start to look really good ! My fear has always been that i will run out of time so i tend to start really fast. I think i may be ready to change that 🙂

And although i try as hard as i can i don’t think i will ever be able to smile through a set coach 😛


1 thought on “Week 9 – Jerk Test

  1. Thierry Sanchez

    Good work Deb!
    Just be careful when you get tired you have a tendency to extend your arm with too much inner rotation (bell rotates over your head), so focus on keeping that little finger more forward as you catch in the 2nd dip, and do not let your elbow drift to the side . I am sending you a picture.


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