Week 12 – Day 2

TGU @12kg x3e.s

Black snatch @20kg x4.25s e.s
Min 1-2: 2 sw1Sn 18 reps
Min 3-4: 1Sw1Sn 20 reps
Min 5-6: Snatch only 5 reps
Total: 86 reps

Snatch 20kg @16rpm 1min e.s x2

Cardio x20min (4min fast, 3min easy/ walk * 3 rounds)

Snatch with gloves @14kg x6min 160 reps

Well i was a bit ambitious thinking i could complete the whole 6 min e.s with the 20kg black snatch – i managed 4 min then only 5 reps into the 5th minute. I added the remaining 2 minutes at 16rpm after a bit of rest.
It’s getting very hot here..i was sweating bucket loads..i guess that is a good thing as it is going to be crazy hot in December in melbourne for the comp..and the gym is tiny so it’s going to be a little oven !


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