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Week 4 – Day 4

TGU @16kg x1 e.s x3
Half snatch @22kg x40 reps, switch every 5 rep, rest 5min
Snatch @20kg x4min e.s @16rpm, rest 3-5min
Total time 7.45sec Reps: 119 pr

Hang snatch @20kg x1min e.s @16rpm, rest 1min *2

1 arm swing @28kg x100 e.s
Cardio x4min fast, 3min easy/ walk *4 rounds

managed to do the 40 half snatches without putting the bell down..nice improvement over earlier this week. Also managed to snatch just under 8min but got 119 reps..which is 2 more than my previous pr…so happy with that! Downside is the nasty callous is still not recovered..i opened it up again today..booo! It just needs a think layer of skin which might take a week or two..i’ll tape it up in the meantime so i don’t keep ripping the new skin!



Week 4 – Day 3

Suitcase walk @20-22kg x30-50 steps e.s *2
Jerk @16kg x1min30 e.s @16rpm, rest 2min30
Jerk @20kg x3min-4min e.s @14rpm, rest 2min
Total time: 7min Reps: 97 pr

Jerk @20kg x1min e.s @16rpm x2

EMM *12min
Clean x1, Push press x1, Jerk x1, renegade row x2e.s @2*16kg

Overhead hold @22kg x40sec e.s *2
GS Jump squat @65kg x60, rest 1min *3

I was hoping to last 8min on the jerk but i didn’t make it. Got 4min on the left and 3min on the same time as last week but 2 extra that is a (small) improvement but improvement nevertheless!
I don’t think i will be ready for test sets next week..maybe deload and then tests the week after?

I have noticed the last few days a my left wrist is a bit sore and my right elbow..i am thinking maybe it’s due to the O/H holds as i wasn’t used to it so just a bit of DOMS or something like that. I felt it again today (mainly when i was doing the O/H holds and a little bit during the jerks but nothing limiting). I am also noticing that the 20kg bell is quite heavy on my forearms and seems like the wist guards don’t work as well as they used to (which makes sense as the bells get heavier i guess)..nothing that i can’t tolerate but just an observation.

Week 4 – Day 2

TGU @16kg 3e.s

Cardio rowing intervals 12min 2.77km

Half snatch @22kg 5reps e.s x4

Snatch 20kg @16rpm 7.5min switch every 30sec

Glove snatch w swing 14kg @9rpm 10min

Not the best day..snatches were feeling heavy today. Did the half snatches in sets of 10 with a 30sec rest inbetween.
Only managed 7.5min of snatch intervals before i realised my pinkie callus had stopped. Bandaged it up for the glove snatches.
Overall not the best session..but i guess that is how training goes..good days and not so good days! Day off tomorrow and back on Thursday hopefully with some more fuel in the tank and good technique!

Week 4 – Day 1

LC/Jerk complex @20kg 8/14rpm 11min
Total time: 10.5min

Jerk @20kg 4min, 1min @18rpm

O/H holds 22kg 30sec e.s x2

5 Back squats + 3 box jumps x5
45kg to 60kg box squats

Dbl cleans 2x16kg @12rpm x3

Swings 32kg 10 reps then 30 sec rest x5

One minute longer with lc jerk complex so nice improvement.
Jerk intervals were tougher than last week as there was no rest in between..was aiming for 6 min but got 4 min then put the bell down for a minute then did another minute.
Over head holds were tough arm got quite wobbly towards the end of the 30sec. I did like this though.

Week 3 – Day 4

TGU 14kg x3e.s

Half snatch 22kg @14rpm 1min e. s
Snatch 20kg @16rpm 3.5min e. s
Hang snatch 20kg @16rpm 1min e. s x3

oa swing 28kg 75/75
Cardio 30min (4min/3min intervals)

The half snatch still feels heavy and wobbly.
7min snatch was good.. maintained the 16rpm throughout.. had to do a few hang snatches towards the end though!    My hang snatches are still looking ugly.. i can’t seem to lean back enough and the bell is still projecting outwards 😦
Got a small tear on my right palm with the hang snatches.. poo!
i did add a few. more minutes rest in between sets.. i think i felt a bit of the fatigue.  I did train 5 days in a row this week so i think that may be it!
Overall a good session though.. 7min snatch at 16rpm is good 🙂

Very sweaty tho.. felt like 100 degress!


Week 3 – Day 3

Suitcase walk @20kg x50 steps e.s *2

·Jerk @16kg x3min e.s @16rpm, rest 4min
·Jerk @20kg x3min30 e.s @14rpm, rest 2min
14/14/14/7 ; 14/14/14/4 total: 95 reps PR

·Jerk @20kg x1min e.s @ >14rpm

EMM *12min
Clean x1, Push press x1, renegade row x2e.s @2*16kg

GS Jump squat @65kg x70, rest 1min *2

20kg jerk getting better..missed the target by 3 reps but happy with the PR..first time 7min with the 20kg and 95 reps is a PR 🙂
Tried the push press with 2×16 and was i stuck with that 🙂
Overall good session..feeling happy with my progress ! Oh and i tried dbl jerk yesterday for the monthly comp..managed one more rep than last month (49 reps total with 2x14kg in 3 min)..hehe tiny improvement but i’ll take it 🙂

Week 3 – Day 2

TGU @16kg x1 e.s x3

Cardio Spin x15 min (10sec hard, 50sec easy *15 sets) 7.1km

Half snatch @22kg x1min e.s @14rpm

Snatch @20kg x9.5min @16rpm, switch every 30 sec, rest 5min

1 swing 1Snatch @16kg x3.5min e.s @free tempo

First time with 16kg TGU – felt fine!
Half snatches were heavy – i noticed that the hardest part was the OH hold – i found it quite heavy..probably because i am not used to lifting the 22kg. maybe i should incorporate heavy OH holds to get used to fixating heavier weight?
Snatch intervals were good..increased the pace this week and did 16rpm for 9.5min..last week i did 14rpm for not too bad!