Week 12 – day 4

TGU @14kg x3e.s
Snatch @20kg x1min e.s @12rpm, rest 1min

Snatch @20kg x1min30 e.s @14rpm, rest 3min

Snatch @20kg x4min e.s @14rpm, rest 1min
14/14/14/14/ ; 14/14/14/17 Total reps: 115

Snatch @20kg x1min e.s@16rpm
Cardio Spin x20 min (10sec hard, 50sec easy)
Snatch with gloves @14kg x6min multiswitch 200 reps

Ok so some good points and some not so good ones today. I filmed the first two snatch sets..i wasn’t feeling as relaxed as last week..i could feel i was pulling a bit too much on the acceleration pull and i could also feel that i was gripping the kettlebell a bit too tight.
The 8min set was good in that i lasted the whole 8 minutes and i got 115 reps, which is 2 reps short of my PR..so consistent at least 🙂 The other good point is that I managed to maintain the 14rpm pace the whole time and end with 17rpm in the last minute..i have never done that before (i always finish the last minute with lower rpm). So i am very happy with that !
The downside is that i tore my left palm..booooo ! I could feel the skin pulling during the last minute on the left ..i could have sneaked an extra rep or two but u was paranoid that my palm was all yuck..it’s not too bad but not happy with it either.
By the time i got to the glove snatch i was a bit mentally fatigued and i the thought of 6min each side kind of bored me so i decided to do a multi switch set with gloves..i got 200 reps in the 12 min and i avoided the boredom so not bad 🙂
Long weekend coming up – i might do an extra set on Sat or Sunday (stair runs) then take monday off as the gym will be closed. Back to it on Tuesday 🙂


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