Cycle 3 Review

This year is just flying by and i’ve just finished up my third 12week training cycle for the time to look back a bit and review how it went..

PRs: 10min 18kg — 144 reps (4 more than last cycle)

* I started the cycle working with 20kg and for the first 5 weeks i failed every set
* Backed down to 18kg and worked mainly in the 7-10min range and started hitting prs again almost every week.
* Got quite comfortable with longer sets
* Didn’t really get a lot of work in with the 20kg in the second half of the cycle
Overall a 2.8% improvement over last cycle

PRs: 10min 18kg — 180 reps (20 reps more than last cycle)
8min 20kg — 117 reps

* Worked most of the cycle with 20kg bell
* Incorporated a lot more glove snatches and got very comfortable doing long glove sets with 14kg
Overall a 12.5% improvement over last cycle

* Weekly volume averaged 21k a 21% increase over last cycle
* 2 deload weeks worked well
* Week 6 shot up to nearly 30k volume and the week after i was a mess, sore neck, sore back etc. Figured that i work well with 21k – 24k a week with one deload after every 4 weeks.

Overall i would say a successful cycle. Major improvements in my snatch and small steps towards my jerk.
This cycle i will need to get some work in with the 20kg jerk. Comp is first week of December and i have to be ready for 20kg biathlon.

Goals for next 12 week cycle
Jerk: 10mins 20kg @13rpm
Snatch: 10mins 20kg @13rpm

Another good outcome is that my cardio is really really good..i went to Cooper Park today to do stairs and got in 20 sets..a PR 🙂



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