Week 1 – Jerk Test

TGU @12kg x1 e.s x3

Jerk @18kg x10min @15rpm
15/15/15/15/15 ; 15/15/15/15/11 Total reps: 146 pr

Lunges 2x16kg x5 followed by 3 jump for height, rest 1-2min *5

Snatch @16kg x3min e.s @16rpm

Well i came into the jerk set feeling confident and then 2 minutes before the set i got really nervous..i must have worked myself up a bit too much! My focus throughout the set was on keeping calm and being patient and keeping the pace. The left side was all ok but the first minute n the right was a struggle mentally then the 7th was a struggle physically and i really thought i was going to give up. Powered through and managed 146 reps in total (i thought it was 147 but re did my sums and 146 it was). Not bad..a PR by 2 reps..i would have liked to have hit 150 but 4 off the mark is not bad – i guess at this point gains come much smaller than before so i am happy with a gain 🙂
Both squat racks were occupied again today so i did lunges.


2 thoughts on “Week 1 – Jerk Test

  1. Thierry Sanchez

    Congrats, that was very close to 150! a 10 min test done all alone is not easy. the mind just want you to give up, I think it’d would have been a different outcome on the platform with people cheering and someone to battle with 🙂


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