Week 2 – Day 1

Jerk/LC complex @20kg x6min e.s@13rpm for jerk, 7rpm for LC

Jerk @20kg x1min e.s @16rpm, rest 2min *4

1Swing 1clean @2*16kg x10*2, 2x14kg x10*1
Back squat x5 followed by 3 jump for height *5

I got a bit of a stiff neck/trap thing happening over the weekend..woke up feeling 80% today so was a bit cautious with the jerks. Left side was ok, right side there was a bit of a niggle but nothing limiting.

Overall jerks were ok ! My cleans with 2x16kg are sloppy! I caught my index finger between the kb handles on the first clean so my form went a bit wonky after that !


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