Week 2 – Day 2

TGU @14kg x1 e.s x2

Cardio Spin x20 min (10sec hard, 50sec easy)

Snatch @20kg x11min @14rpm, switch every 30 sec, rest 5min

Snatch with gloves @14kg x12min multiswitch @16rpm – 200 reps

I tried to focus on the technique changes but found it a bit hard at first. The first minute was a bit of a dog’s breakfast..as the set went on i started to feel a bit more comfortable and tried a few things out..the leaning back and looking up worked a few times..i couldn’t quite get the scoop – i think i am not bending my knees enough. I tried to use the gorilla grip instead of finger lock on the back swing but that was a bit difficult too..i find that the kettlebell is a bit too heavy for the gorilla grip and i am scared i will loose grip and drop it 😦
I filmed the set with my phone so uploading the video now..will link once it’s done !


2 thoughts on “Week 2 – Day 2

  1. Thierry Sanchez

    if you could apply all tips at once you’d be a robot 🙂 I think first you should prioritize the hand insertion, then drop, then the scoop/ knees last because you’re already strong.


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