Week 3 – Day 3

Suitcase walk @20kg x50 steps e.s *2

·Jerk @16kg x3min e.s @16rpm, rest 4min
·Jerk @20kg x3min30 e.s @14rpm, rest 2min
14/14/14/7 ; 14/14/14/4 total: 95 reps PR

·Jerk @20kg x1min e.s @ >14rpm

EMM *12min
Clean x1, Push press x1, renegade row x2e.s @2*16kg

GS Jump squat @65kg x70, rest 1min *2

20kg jerk getting better..missed the target by 3 reps but happy with the PR..first time 7min with the 20kg and 95 reps is a PR 🙂
Tried the push press with 2×16 and was ok..so i stuck with that 🙂
Overall good session..feeling happy with my progress ! Oh and i tried dbl jerk yesterday for the monthly comp..managed one more rep than last month (49 reps total with 2x14kg in 3 min)..hehe tiny improvement but i’ll take it 🙂


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